The End is Nigh!

28 06 2012

Three more blocks done! Really, it’s three and a half done. I would have finished another, but one of the paper-piecing segments turned out oddly, so I gave in and set the block aside before I got too frustrated to sew.

It’s really five and a half blocks before I can call myself truly done with the Farmer’s Wife blocks, though. I looked over my Flickr group of blocks, and decided that I need to  remake three. Thankfully, they’re three of the easier ones (Calico Puzzle, Contrary Wife, and Broken Dishes) and shouldn’t take long. I’m hoping I can get all of the blocks done tonight after kiddo’s swimming lesson.

#019 Checkerboard#019  Checkerboard

This block was done entirely out of the scrap basket and paper-pieced. I also took advantage of nesting seams, which is something I haven’t done a lot before working on the Farmer’s Wife. I’ve always been a seams open kind of girl.

#037 Flower Pot#037 Flower Pot

This is a block I’ve been avoiding for some time. It’s practically a basket block, and I’m so over basket blocks. It wasn’t that long ago that I worked on the Baskets BOM with the Stitch ‘N’ Bitch group, and there are five basket blocks in the Farmer’s Wife. Yes, I counted.

#104 Wild Geese#104 Wild Geese

I’ve been avoiding this block, too, because of the sheer number of seams in this bad boy. Still, it wasn’t all that bad, thanks to paper-piecing. Not sure I’m in love with this block, but it’s accurate, and I’m not touching it.




6 responses

28 06 2012

These are great! I so admire your patience making all these. You quilt will look amazing!

28 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! I have to admit – I don’t feel very patient at this point.

28 06 2012

your blocks are delicious, just love that checkerboard. Have you chosen a sashing or setting yet?

28 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! Yes, I’ve selected a setting, but I’m waiting to complete all the blocks before I commit 100%. I need to play with the blocks.

30 06 2012

i love your wild geese block. i’ll have to see if i can find the patience to remake mine. i lost a few corners. yours is so crisp.

30 06 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! I’m warming up to that block… As I’ve gotten toward the end here, I’ve just grabbed fabrics from the stash and gone to town, not letting myself consider the aesthetics.

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