Fresh Sewing Day, July Edition / Scrappy? Sew Bee It! Month

2 07 2012

I’m a day late (for a couple of things). Weekends are just never very good times for me to get caught up on writing. I tend to spend my limited time on the weekends doing things like sewing, cooking, and working at my second job. This weekend, I made Belgian waffles with strawberry compote for breakfast on Saturday morning. For that day’s dinner, I made Southern-style chicken and dumplings from scratch. Sunday was spent keeping kiddo entertained while hubby took the mother-in-law to the emergency room because she’d been dizzy all morning, and then I worked the second job all day. Writing (here and elsewhere) fell by the wayside.

Anyway – last month was a productive month! I made a lot of Farmer’s Wife Blocks, completing the blocks  in the book. I made a swap block, and a block for the Botanical BOM.

1. #033 Farmer’s Puzzle, 2. #057 Morning, 3. #058 Mother’s Dream, 4. #060 Noon and Light, 5. #074 Ribbons, 6. #079 Silver Lane, 7. #059 Night and Day, 8. #066 Periwinkle, 9. #086 Squash Blossom, 10. #094 Tall Pine Tree, 11. #077 Seasons, 12. #065 Peaceful Hours, 13. #082 Spider Legs, 14. #078 Shooting Star, 15. #083 Spiderweb, 16. #047 Homemaker, 17. #097 Waste Not, 18. #099 W.C.T.U., 19. #108 Windmill, 20. #096 Tulip, 21. #032 Farmer’s Daughter, 22. #088 Star of Hope, 23. #035 Flower Basket, 24. #073 Rainbow Flowers Redux, 25. june_log_cabin, 26. Palm Leaf, 27. #100 Weathervane, 28. #024 Country Path, 29. #090 Storm Signal, 30. #036 Flower Garden Path, 31. #110 Wood Lily, 32. #017 Cats and Mice, 33. #019 Checkerboard, 34. #037 Flower Pot, 35. #104 Wild Geese, 36. #008 Bouquet

Photobucket1. #011 Broken Dishes, 2. #016 Calico Puzzle, 3. #021 Contrary Wife, 4. #043 Garden Path, 5. #022 Corn and Beans

Linking up to Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily’s Quilts:

Lily's Quilts

Speaking of swaps… It’s my month for the Scrappy? Sew Bee It! Swap. I’ve been debating practically since signing up for the swap about what to have made for me. I didn’t want to make it an overly difficult block, but I also didn’t necessarily want to simply end up sashing all the blocks I got and call it a day. I also wanted to keep the block simpler, as we have quilters of all skills levels and experiences in this group, but I  didn’t want to sacrifice visual interest.

Yeah, I don’t expect a lot out of myself, do I?

Then I saw a photo for a pattern on Nancy’s blog,  Blogging Near Philadelphia:


Isn’t that pretty? And fun? I thought so.

So I decided to use that as my jumping off point. Hopefully, this won’t be too whacky a request and will make sense to everyone.

My goal is to end up with several 12″ (finished) blocks that all work along the same theme, though they probably won’t be identical. I want my (eventual) quilt to be pretty big, so the blocks I get will be supplemented by more blocks made by me.

I’m picturing receiving  several fairly simple, very scrappy blocks, each with a gray fabric for the background:

All Examples

The gray fabrics don’t have to be the same – I think I’d actually prefer if I had multiple grays in the quilt. My only ‘must have’ is that at least one colored square in each block be on the outer edge of the block, so that I can ‘link’ it to  another block. Also, the scrappier, the better in this block. I love color!

Make sense? Am I crazy? The more variety I get in these, the happier I’ll be. If someone gets stuck, feel free to use one of the example designs. I made up a PDF with a blank grid for the first page for folks to plan their block.




4 responses

6 07 2012

Very colorful! I love all the farmer’s wife blocks. I’m stopping in from Fresh Sewing Day. 🙂

7 07 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve had fun with the Farmer’s Wife blocks, but I’m very glad to be done with them.

9 07 2012
Lucy @ Charm About You

YEAH!! I loved making this block! It’s on it’s way to you, I hope you like it – I’ll post pics on flickr and my blog later on 🙂 x

16 07 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m looking forward to it! I can’t wait to play with these 🙂

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