More Fun with Free Piecing

11 07 2012

Fun with Free Piecing

I couldn’t stop. I’m going to have to follow this project through to a completed quilt top. Thankfully, I can zoom through four or five of the scrappy centers in an evening. I drew up the completed project in EQ7, so that I  could figure out how much background fabric I’d need, since I only bought  two yards, and my intention had been to quit when I ran out. EQ7 tells me I’ll need 4.25 yards… I’ll have to see how many patches I’m getting out of each fabic strip and see if that’s correct.

I’m finding myself fascinated by how one scrappy block will inform the next, as I pull larger scraps from the baskets and create little fabric mosaics that are further sliced and diced as I add to a 2.5″ wide stripe.  Scraps, of course, are not being used as quickly as I would like, but it’s nice to start using these bits and pieces of fabric that I haven’t had the heart to throw away.




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12 07 2012

I love what you are doing with your scraps. What if you used another background color for the border blocks? You could use a complimentary color or another grey a few shades lighter or darker. I think that would be interesting. Good luck with using up your scraps. 🙂 Take care and God bless, Cory

13 07 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I thought about using a brighter color rather than a gray, but my scraps are actually pretty screaming bright for the most part, and I really wanted to do a gray background quilt for myself. I’d have probably gotten something lighter, in all honesty, but Joanns’s selection of Kona was pretty picked over that day and I was determined to start, so I went with the Kona charcoal gray.

I think this would look amazing with something with a little texture – a colored linen maybe.

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