Baby Got Back!

22 07 2012

I have a backing for Fun with Free Piecing!

Fun With Free Piecing, Backing

Pieced over about three hours – most of that time measuring and debating those measurements.

I started with two yards each of the solid red and berry prints, stolen from fabrics purchased for the germ of an idea that will never see fruition. It wasn’t quite enough to complete the backing, so I dug through my secret stash of large scale prints that I love but fear cutting into.

I came across a 2009 fabric from Alexander Henry, ‘dagmar’. That’s the floral in the photo and I love it. LOVE. IT. However, I only had one yard of it, so I’d never planned a quilt with it. I should have purchased more…


Ah, well. Done is done.

I originally thought I’d do four panels of dagmar in different sizes, but I didn’t want to do that much quilty math and piecing. So I simplified the plan down, and started cutting and sewing straight seams, based on how much fabric I had. I framed the central panel on two sides with a Jay McCarroll Habitat print – JY34 Peach, which is a baby-soft polka dot totally at odds with the rest of that line. The other side is a smokey blue solid from my stash that matches perfectly. I recovered almost a yard of a mustard calico from the scrap buckets and decided to fill out the central panel with that, because I love mustard.

Once the central panel was done, and the two red panels were done, I made the  decision to not center the strips running down the middle. It would have been extremely fiddly, and I wasn’t feeling fiddly. Plus, this backing probably won’t end up perfectly centered anyway. I also like the personality it gives.

I’m extremely happy with how this turned out. This might be another case in which I end up liking the backing far more than the front… We’ll see how I feel when this is all quilted.




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