A Start

24 07 2012

I’ve started quilting Fun with Free Piecing. I just couldn’t resist! I know I have a older projects that need to be quilted up, but it’s what I want to do right this very minute. Which is just silly, because I have the backing picked out for my Basket BOM top. I have a Flying Geese top that needs some unpicking, and then the quilting can be started again. I have a string pieced table runner that should really be done next, with the scraps of batting I have…

The list could probably go on, but I honestly haven’t looked through my finished tops in a while. I want to drag them all out and photograph them for the blog, but that involves waiting until I can spend a chunk of time at the park, since I want to borrow the fencing out there.

Anyhoot… Enough castigating myself for setting stuff aside. At least they’re in the completed tops pile!

Quilting Started

I started quilting two nights ago. It’s going fairly quickly… I have half of two rows done. So far, I’m liking it. My lines aren’t perfectly straight, but I refuse to stress myself over it. I know that once I’m done, I won’t even see the slight wave to some of these quilted lines. I’m alternating my top thread between a dozen or so colors, and am resisting the urge to buy more from Connecting Threads. I love their threads and the way they finish.

After getting through a few of these, I took a look at the quilted portions of the top, and decided that I need to stitch in the ditch around the scrappy blocks. They needed just a touch more definition. To keep things from being less messy, I’m stopping every so often and burying my threads. Zeb’s been wanting to be involved, so I’m letting him help trim the threads.

With luck, I’ll have this quilted up by the end of the week, and I can spend my vacation doing the binding and putting my Farmer’s Wife blocks into a top. Of course, that’s around all the cleaning and organizing I want to do…




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