The Taming of the Scraps

30 07 2012

Working on Fun with Free Piecing (which should really be called Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife, Part Deux) illustrated to me that I really, really need to get my scraps under control. I have a lot of them. I could probably fill a kitchen garbage sack with them.

And, silly me, I started browsing the internet. Enter the pins and bobbins Made in Cherry Quilt Along. I looked at the requirements for the project, and mentally said, “That’s easy!”

But first, I drew the project up in EQ7, because I do that:

Made in Cherry
The original, Sarah Fielke pattern didn’t have any borders, but I think I much prefer adding the two borders to this. I just really like scrappy borders, and any reason to use them, I swear.

So I started cutting charms. I’ve decided to try and do a similar quilt, but one in which each charm is unique.

Made in Cherry Charms

1. Made in Cherry Charms 1, 2. Made in Cherry Charms 2, 3. Made in Cherry Charms 3

So far, I’m 77 charms into prepping for this. Okay, so not just for this. I’ve spent several hours cutting scraps into four manageable sizes:

Trimmed Scraps

So  now I have a lot of pre-cut squares. I suppose it’ll be nice. I’m a little terrified that I actually went and cut 1.5 X 1.5″ squares. I see a postage stamp quilt in my future if this keeps up. Or a couple of Made in Cherry pillow shams.

Darn it! I need to stop planning projects!!




6 responses

31 07 2012

Good luck with the scrappy star. This pattern is addictive – I am working on my third star.

31 07 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I can see how it could be very addictive! I’m already pondering doing a second star in my black and gray scraps.

1 08 2012
Rosa, Copenhagen

I’m with you here. Scraps are great – I’m cutting away too, making a scrap Vomit quilt. Great way to kill all those really ugly fabrics.
Your star looks goooood – I might try it out:-)

1 08 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I might try a scrap vomit quilt, though I think I can honestly say that I no longer have any fabrics in my stash that I consider ugly 😉

I’m really looking forward to the star – it’ll be another really quick quilt top.

6 08 2012

This will be a lovely quilt! And I agree with you the borders make it even nicer.

6 08 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m on the home stretch! I just have a bunch of quilters’ knots to bury.

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