Fresh Sewing Day, August Edition

1 08 2012

July was a productive month, almost frighteningly so. It’s just not normal for me.

July Mosaic

1. Fun with Free Piecing, 1, 2. Fun with Free Piecing, 2, 3. Fun with Free Piecing, 4, 4. Fun with Free Piecing, 6, 5. Fun with Free Piecing, 6. FwFP Quilting Plan 3, 7. FwFP Quilting Plan 2, 8. FwFP Quilting Plan 1, 9. Fun with Free Piecing Top Completed, 10. Fun With Free Piecing, Backing, 11. PwFP Pinned, 12. Quilting Started, 13. Trimmed Scraps, 14. Made in Cherry, 15. Made in Cherry Charms 1, 16. Made in Cherry Charms 2, 17. Made in Cherry Charms 3, 18. Farmer’s Wife Plan, 19. Kona Order, 20. Happiness is…

This past month, I ordered some solids for the Farmer’s Wife Sampler. I still haven’t cut into them, but I’m planning on starting soon. I took a break for Fun with Free Piecing, which I’ve decided ought to be called Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife, Part Deux. It seems that every time I take a break from FWS, I piece something awfully ‘modern’.

And then I quilt the hell out of it. Seriously. I mean, Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife (henceforth known as CotFW, Round 1) took forty hours to quilt. I’m approaching the twenty hour mark on CotFW, Part Deux. >.<

And, if that weren’t enough, I’ve already decided on my next project, and started cutting charms for it, and to tame my scraps. My  scraps are out of control, and I refuse to ignore the problem any more! I’m being ruthless with myself, and ‘earning’ quilting time by spending some quality time with a bucket of scraps, a rotary cutter, and a mat.

No pictures here, but I even dragged the Double Wedding Ring out of hiding and started piecing. I have a mental image of myself in a Scarlett O’Hara pose, but instead of clutching the soil of Tara, I’m holding a pair of Ginger shears. Cue a Southern accent so thick you’d think I’d walked off the set of True Blood – “I will not let my projects lapse again!”


Yeah, right.

That’ll last as long as my vacation does.

Lily's Quilts



8 responses

1 08 2012

Nice collection of makes! I popped in from Lily’s quilts, to see what you had been doing. What a fun time you have had!Keep on cheating!

3 08 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Cheating has been fun, though the Farmer’s Wife is calling me back. I’d really like to get that top done very soon.

1 08 2012
Cathy Tomm

I like some of the free piecing you have been doing. If your getting any quilting done it is not cheating. Just have fun.

3 08 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m definitely having fun 🙂 I just find it funny that I’ve turned toward a completely different aesthetic, after a year working on the Farmer’s Wife.

3 08 2012

Your FwFP looks amazing. The grey background makes the colors lovely.

3 08 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! It’s been fun working on this particular quilt. I look forward to finishing it this weekend.

3 08 2012

Gosh you’ve been so busy! It’s all all looking great 🙂

3 08 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m taking advantage of having most of a week off! My goal is have a quilt done by Sunday evening.

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