Popping In

9 08 2012

There’s been a lot of sewing going on in the Grey Cat Quilts household – just not a lot of pictures that I’m willing to show off, quite yet.

Quilting on Cheating on the Farmer’s Wife, Part Deux has been completed. I have about a million and a half thread tails to make knots of and bury in the batting, and then I want to wash it before I take photos and post them.

In other news, I completed the last four blocks I needed to bring my total number of Farmer’s Wife blocks to 121:

Yankee Puzzle

This one is called Yankee Puzzle. I probably could have simplified the piecing a little bit, and done four flying geese units where you see the HSTs forming them in the yellow print. This combines a Heather Bailer with  two Joann’s prints.

The Owl Quilt

The Owl Quilt – Yup, that’s the name of this block, according to Jinny Beyer. I actually simplified the piecing here, as the yellow bits were done with Y-seams in the book. If I were more ambitious, I’d draw it out in EQ7 to show you, but I’m not.

Star of Friendship
Friendship Star. I had to dip into my collection of black and red prints again. I know. I have a problem – I could make at least one more black and red quilt top.

Scrap Zig Zag
Scrap Zig Zag. Very simple, very quick. I chose two prints with some foil printing in them. Nice and low volume.

I went about  picking blocks that I could cut the pieces for without thinking overly  much about the quilty math, and they were all done on Tuesday evening. Next stop… setting all of these blocks!

I also ordered fabrics for the Ron Swanson Along hosted by Monica of Happy Zombie. My husband is a big fan of the show Parks & Recreation (I personally don’t see the appeal, but I’ve only seen portions of Season 1). He was hoping for it to be in shades of pink, but Connecting Threads’s pinks didn’t have an awesome transition from pink to fuschia, and I wanted to take advantage of their sale on solids. He’s getting purple.

I want to start in on the Super Mario Brother Quilt Along hosted by Angela of Cut to Pieces, but I need to order fabrics for that one. I might yet take advantage of the Connecting Threads solids sale one more time. But I’ll be waiting for another Connecting Threads sale on their solids, since I can’t justify another $75.00 in fabric this month.

So much for this being the year of finishes for me…




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