Chugging Away

23 08 2012

Four Rows

Work is becoming more and more hectic as the start of the fall semester approaches. I’ve been laboring under the onus of several projects that needed to be completed before classes start, with too little manpower and not enough time. I’m sure this is the universal cry of government employees everywhere, but this is my first real experience with this many items on my plate with such rapidly approaching drop-dead completion dates

It’s more than a little wearing.

However, I will pull through. I might need more than a couple of drinks and some sushi nights to recover from this summer  of endless stress, but I will pull through.

Helping me get through this has been my quilting. I’m taking refuge in it, burying myself in the comforting hum of my sewing machine and the glorious slide of cotton in my fingers. I can turn off my worries for those precious moments that I’m stealing away from sleeping.

When I get a chance today to go through and decide what blocks will go into Row 5, I’ll take some photos and make some comments about how I’m deciding what goes where. Hint: it’s a very loose process.

Can I just say that I love the way this is turning out? I’ve been nervous about getting this project to this state. Now I can be happy with the way it’s turning out, and my brain is starting to focus on the quilting. This has been such a tremendous project, and I’ve taken such care with the piecing that I really want this to be an heirloom piece of art, maybe even a quilt show entry.

Oh, and I’ve decided on a new name, I think: Technicolor Fields. It’s a nod to the original quilt, as in farmer’s fields, but also acknowledging the field of bright stars I’ve created with the setting.




3 responses

23 08 2012

It just keeps getting better and better!

3 09 2012

This is looking fab! And I think technicolor fields is a great name 🙂

10 09 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

I think it’s definitely appropriate 🙂 And totally describes my color sense!

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