WI Quilt Expo 2012

10 09 2012

This past Saturday, I attended the 2012 Wisconsin Quilt Expo with Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts, two relatives of Sandi’s (Karen and Sharon), and a new quilting friend of Sandi’s, Kathy. Part of the experience of attending the WI Quilt Expo for us is tailgating (sort of) and having lunch in the parking lot. Between the five of us, we had a table, chairs, and plenty of food! Karen and Sharon brought the innards for the sandwiches (cheese and sandwich meat), along with some snackables like Pringles, black olives, grapes and tomatoes. Sandi brought bread, plates, chairs, and plastic tableware. Kathy brought some absolutely amazing  home-made pickles and cherry tomatoes fresh from her garden. I contributed chips, dip and some veggies.

Wisconsin Quilt Expo Haul

I was very restrained in my shopping while at the show. It’s not that there
wasn’t pretty fabric to pet. I was just genuinely not feeling the urge to buy. I’ve been very focused on using the stash I already have, and that feeling is still holding true, at the moment.

There were things I needed – needles, for one. I stock up annually at this show, because $1.59 for a five pack of universals and $2.39 for a pack of quilting needles is just too good to pass up.

I also picked up yet another seam ripper. I’m obsessed with finding a nice sharp one, and the blue-handled one I picked up at Joann’s last month just isn’t cutting it.

More Sewline refills, though I debated trying the Bohn brand, since they were almost a dollar cheaper. Just in the gray and white this time, since I really just need a light and dark for marking. I’ve been known to have all the colors on hand, but again, showing restraint.

The fabric is fabric is three yards of Urban Garden by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit. I was quite drawn to the very clear colors in this and now need to figure out a design to complement this fabric. I have a few ideas already, but so many projects in the works that I’d really like to finish up some of the things already in the queue. Still, I’m thinking I’ll be picking up a selection of solids to go with this print. I don’t want to distract from it too much, but I might see what else was offered in this particular fabric line before I make a final decision.

I also picked up two Perl cottons for hand-quilting a gift-y project I’ve been working on. They’re Presencia, No. 16, and don’t exactly match what’s in the top, but I think I’ll like that. In the photo at right, the Perls are sitting on the backing fabric for this particular little project.

Sorry about the blurriness… It’s late, almost 3:30 AM, and I couldn’t see that it was blurry until I dropped it into the blog post here. And really, I’m really too lazy to take another shot.

These are the things that happen when I’m woken out of my post-second job nap, when the nap has gone from being a nap to being camped on the couch for the whole night.

And because I can’t mention the gift-y item without showing a sneak peak of it:

Sneaky Peek
I made use of some of my scraps, and some solids from my stash. This design would work really well for an I Spy quilt I think. This is one that I think needs to be made up into a tutorial or pattern. I’ll be working on that in the near future, too. Especially once the fall semester settles out and I’m not freaking out at the number of Helpdesk tickets that are awaiting resolution!




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