Gettin’ My Groove Back

16 10 2012

It’s been a while since I stopped in here… Work has been hectic, and leaving me with the intense desire to a) beat people senseless for being viciously stupid, or b) crawl into a hole and never come out. Unfortunately, neither is an option – I don’t think I’d like jail much, nevermind the orange jumpers, but I also have to earn a living.

Sadly, my very stressed work self bled into crafty self, and crafty self pretty much threw a hissy and told creative urges to go f*** themselves until work self had a good cry. Which did happen – twice. I’m never very good at feeling valued or that I’m contributing in a meaningful way to my organization, a feeling only gets magnified when I feel like the pressure is on, and suddenly I’m a morose mess, and it’s something like PMS, but worse.

Oh, and I clean.

My oven looks awesome, by the way.

But luckily for you, I took a three day weekend, and feel much better. I’m sure I’ll feel much better at the beginning of November, as I’m taking a long weekend next week.

I’ve gotten back to the sewing machine, after a few weeks of really terrible creative productivity. Another quilt top is pieced – photos to come, as it’s immense and laying it on my bed made for a truly terrible photo. I need to bribe friends to handle the blasted thing from the balcony on the second floor to make that photo possible.

Also, I finally started piecing placemats for my dining room table. I love my table set – it’s gorgeous, and I got it for a steal! Of course, I really want to protect it as well, and since heat can bleach the color out of cherry wood, I decided that placemats are in order:

Placemat PlayLucky me – everything is coming from my stash for this project, right down to the batting that will be in these. I’ll finally be using those scraps of batting I’ve saved from trimming down the excess from previous projects. And yes, I did get super retentive when cutting the geese – the repeat of this particular fabric is exactly 5.5″, perfect for this project. I’m rather liking this design – it gives me a chance to showcase some of my larger scale prints. These will finish out at 12″ X 18″, and will be bound in a fun gray dotty print.

Hubby has stated that he won’t want to eat on these because they’ll look too nice. My response was, “Why waste the time making something if it’s not pretty?” Still, I kind of get it – I’m already tempted to make a table set out of this and make a matching centerpiece and napkins. Of course, this is a pretty instant gratification project for me, time-wise. These piece up quickly, and I’m not planning on getting too crazy with the quilting. I might actually have all six pieced and quilted by the end of the week.

I’ll have to do some scrappy placemats in the near future – but maybe mix some linen in there for texture and contrast. I have plenty of scraps for this, and lots of pre-cut 2.5″ squares.

Plus, look for another Skill Builder Series post from me in the next week or so. I’ll be working up a paper-piecing tutorial over the course of the next few days, with lots of photos, as will Sandi (of Piecemeal Quilts). Thank you to both tonya and ssparrowinflight for commenting on Sandi’s blog and giving us the ‘oomph’ we’ve needed to get back in gear.




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