October Stitch ‘N’ Bitch

17 10 2012

October’s Stitch ‘N’ Bitch happened on the thirteenth this month – the weather was pretty ‘meh’, and there was just a small group of us this month.

This actually worked out well for me – I got three blocks done for the Botanical BOM:

Centennial TreeCentennial Tree

I was initially a little intimidated by this block, but then I stopped and really looked at it, breaking it down into its components. This is actually a really easy block to put together. It’s just the lower right hand corner that makes it look complicated.

Corn and BeansCorn and Beans

I love the yellow print I used in this block and the next. I’ll be more than a little sad when it’s all gone…

I’ve made a lot of sampler blocks lately (hello Farmer’s Wife), but I’ve rarely had to make blocks that are duplicated from project to project. Corn and Beans in a duplicate, though this is a slightly different variation from the one used in the Farmer’s Wife.

Jack in the PulpitJack in the Pulpit

This was a super easy block to put together – I haven’t trimmed it down yet, but I’m not going to worry about it just yet.

These three blocks put me at nine – my quilt plan needs seventeen blocks… Yay, halfway there! Now just to increase my production speed. I’m going to have to get lots of batting in the near future…




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