October Swap Blocks

19 10 2012


October is Lucy’s month in the Scrappy? Sew Bee It! Swap. Lucy requested feather blocks, as featured in Anna Maria Horner’s Feather Bed pattern.

She requested black (or dark grey) be used as the spine. I didn’t have any solid black that wasn’t earmarked for another project, so I pulled an Asian print from my stash with a very minimalist design for both feathers. The scrappy sides of the feathers came out of my scrap baskets, while the single fabric sides came from stash, as did the neutral background fabrics.

Piecing the first feather was a little trying – I attempted to make the template for the large chunks of background, and realized too late that the template plastic was too short to make it a single, contiguous template. I also (foolishly) cut the template for the background fabric just above the tip-top of the feather.

The second time piecing went much more smoothly. I simply cut the background fabric of the block in too-big chunks and trimmed down – made it so much easier. There was a little more waste this way, but I rarely use creams in my quilts anymore and have a fairly large stash of them, so wasn’t not too much of a hardship… I’m happier having used these fabrics, instead of them hiding in my stash for a project that might never materialize.

Lucy also requested a signature block, and I think I have one pre-made for this – I just have to find it. I’m pretty sure I know which drawer it’s in!

Overall, having made a couple of these feathers, it’s a little tempting to make more… It’s a nice, different way to use up more of my smaller scraps, and I find I like the idea of the mixture of low volume neutrals in the background. Still, it won’t be a project that I focus on. I have enough WIPs to keep me busy through at least the end of the year, and that’s just in PIECING tops! I might convince myself to make a couple more feathers for Lucy, though, and go completely scrappy with them this time!




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20 10 2012

beautiful blocks.

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