Vacation Piecing

27 10 2012

I’m on day four of five days off of primary job… I requested the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off, to make it a super long weekend. Unfortunately, my request off just happened to coincide with Parent/Teacher conferences, meaning that my son was off school for my extended weekend.

Visions of unimpeded time to commune with my sewing machine… *poof*

At any rate, I’ve managed to complete four more blocks for the Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Botanical BOM this weekend. My top design still calls for seventeen blocks. I discarded a couple, due to my perfectionist tendencies, and made four more, bringing my total to ten blocks. Seven more, three of which are tree blocks, and I’ll be all caught up to where I want to be.

I’d really like to have the top done for this November’s Stich ‘n’ Bitch. We’ll see what happens. *shrugs* I’m not trying to rush. I’d like to just put something in the mostly done pile. If the blocks get to a completed top stage, at least I’ll have relieved some of the personal pressure on myself.

Straw FlowerSourced from The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns, page 146, #9.

Posy ChainSourced from

Magnolia BudI’m actually not sure where I sourced this particular block from at the moment.
It was probably The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns.

Dutch RoseSourced from

I’m very happy with my selection of aqua as the zinger fabric for this quilt top. I probably could have included it in a few more blocks, but I’m not going to stress it. There’s four more blocks that the aqua can go into.




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