And Yet More Piecing

28 10 2012

I completed two more Botanical BOM blocks yesterday, bringing my total for the weekend to six:

George Washington's Birthday TreeSourced from The Quilt I.D. Book by Judy Rehmel.
This is actually a variation on the block in the book, as the book shows this block with an appliqued base.

Tree of TemptationAlso from The Quilt I.D. Book by Judy Rehmel.

I picked these two tree blocks due to their similarities in design, and emphasized that similarity by using the same fabric for the trunks. Also, I broke down the piecing in the trunks on both, in order to make them more machine piecing friendly.

Re-counting the blocks put me at thirteen, so I’m getting really close to the end of the blocks. After that, tons and tons of chain piecing, as I complete the setting blocks for the quilt top.

Botanical BOM - Final Layout

I selected the final block to make, and finalized my quilt top layout. Due to the previous blocks, I limited myself to selecting blocks that have four quadrants to them, at least for the twelve blocks forming the diamond. I also selectively added aqua to some of the blocks, in order to encourage movement in the top. I chose to go with four tree blocks for the corners.

Time to log off for the evening! I might try to piece another block before I head to bed.




2 responses

3 11 2012
Beth B

I am in love with this design. How big are you making each block & how big do you think the finished quilt will be?

4 11 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Each block is finishing at 12″. I’m estimating that the final size of the quilt will be 108″ by 108″. I’m a little terrified to think of quilting it up!

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