Fresh Sewing Day, October Edition

1 11 2012
Lily's Quilts

October was very nearly a no-sew month – I just wasn’t mentally on board with my projects, and then I had terrifically unproductive sewing day with Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts. Still, I took a few days off last week, and managed to get my butt in gear on the Botanical BOM. I also managed to do four swap blocks and started a group of place mats. Still no photos of the Made in Cherry top – I really, really need to have some friends over to help with the photography of that beast.

Month of October Sewing

1. Placemat Play, 2. Carla_1, 3. Carla_2, 4. Centennial Tree, 5. Corn and Beans,
6. Jack in the Pulpit, 7. Feather_01, 8. Feather_02, 9. Dutch Rose, 10. Magnolia Bud,
11. Posy Chain, 12. Straw Flower, 13. Tree of Temptation,
14. George Washington’s Birthday Tree, 15. Botanical BOM – Final Layout

My goal is to have the Botanical BOM top finished in time for November’s Stitch ‘n’ Bitch. I’m also hoping to get the Baskets BOM top quilted and finished by the end of November. If I’m super strict with myself, I’ll have two tops quilted up by the beginning of December. Also, I’m going to be optimistic and plan to have my place mats done before Thanksgiving, but I know me. I’ll be nicely distracted by another shiny, new project.

Expect more in the next month. I’m determined to finish some stuff. Like, really finish it.




5 responses

1 11 2012
Nat @ Made in Home

Your mosaic looks so beautiful as a whole as well!

1 11 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! I love doing these mosaics every month – I often feel like I just didn’t spend enough time doing what I love. These photo mosaics remind me that I really was able to carve some time out for me and my creativity.

1 11 2012
Heidi @ Fabric Mutt

Absolutely gorgeous work! I’m hoping to make a few of those AMH feathers too!

1 11 2012
Grey Cat Quilts

The AMH feathers are actually a lot of fun. I’m really considering making a top with these in the near future.

2 11 2012

Thanks for stopping by over at Lilypadquilting! Good luck in the giveaway!

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