On A Roll…

5 11 2012

I got through three and a half blocks this weekend… I’d have had a Partial Seams Tutorial to post as well, but I fell asleep with the kiddo, and didn’t wake up until 11 PM this evening, which was the time I’d mentally slotted to write and photograph it.

Luckily, I’m done with work early on Monday – kiddo’s teacher requested an IEP meeting, so I should have time in the evening after dinner.

Japanese PoppyJapanese Poppy

Japanese Poppy will be the center block in this quilt. Every time I step back and look at it, I wish I’d used a more patterned fabric for the yellow. However, I know that I won’t notice it when I get it in to the quilt top, so I’m refusing to break down and remake it. It was kind of a pain in the rear – I had to paper piece most of it, as the angles in the block weren’t easy to rotary cut.

Prickly PearPrickly Pear, Round 2

I pieced this block once before, but decided that I wasn’t really happy with it. One of the fabrics wasn’t as crisp a printing as I would have liked, especially in comparison to all of the other fabrics that I’ve been using. Also, I needed another block with aqua in it, and this block was a good candidate for adding in a third fabric wihtout having it look too cluttered.

Tree of ParadiseTree of Paradise

The final tree  block! I believe I pulled this particular pattern out of The Quilt I.D. Book by Judy Rehmel as well. I’m actually very tempted to buy a copy of this book off Amazon… I found it incredibly useful.

That leaves one more block to piece for the Botanical BOM, which is the 1/2 block I’ve gotten done this weekend. This one is called Lily Wreath, and was in the EQ7 block library. Once that, and the tutorial are done, I can move on to piecing all of the setting blocks from the BOM’s design layout.




One response

21 11 2012

That Japanese Poppy is stunning! I wouldn’t have picked that yellow off the bolt, but it really works with the aqua and black & white. I’m going to have to expand my colour selections…. Do you know how you’re going to quilt it yet?

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