Grabbing 2013 by the Horns

1 01 2013

So, as is my wont, I disappeared for while. My oh-so-fickle sewing mojo took an extended holiday, and decided to return only this past Sunday evening… I’ve been stymied not only creatively, but by supplies, particularly on those projects that I wanted to finish.

For instance, the Botanical BOM, which I left off on 11/4/2012, having finished off the fourth and final tree block. I tried twice, to finish the thing, but discovered that I had misplaced or used the ‘extra’ yardage for the white on white print that is used in the majority of this particular project. Sunday, in a serendipitous trip to Joann’s, I found that they had that print back in stock.

Needless to say, I bought three yards.

This spurred a yen – nay, a need to be productive. By the time we wrapped our annual Nilbog New Year’s Get Together – yes, we watch Troll 2, eat green food, and drink alcohol – I had gotten this far:

Getting There...

Well, obviously, I couldn’t leave it half done, could I? Especially with having today off? Of course not!

In a marathon of sewing this afternoon, during which I stabbed myself with pins five freaking times, I got the top done:

OMGYes, that is my living room floor…

I had to stand on the couch to get this shot, and as you can see from the upper left corner, I couldn’t even spread it out all the way.

But, hot damn, it’s done! At least this stage of it.

Now I just have to figure out how to quilt 110″ X 110″ inches of fabric.




10 responses

1 01 2013
Pretty Lady Baby

That quilt is absolutely beautiful!

2 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! I’m glad it’s finally at this stage 🙂

1 01 2013

It’s gorgeous!! And I am in awe and deeply jealous of your speed – my quilts, even throws and cribs, take me months, alas!

2 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I only wish this one were speedy – I’ve actually done the blocks for this as a BOM, so it took a year to get to this point. However, I am determined to quilt it up before the month is out.

2 01 2013
Robyn in Oz

It is lovely! Are you planning to quilt it on a domestic or something a bit bigger? I really like it and the colours are so nice. I look forward to seeing your blog post on the completed job.

2 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m actually debating the quilting issue now… A friend of mine owns a machine quilting frame, which I am welcome to use any time, so it’s a possibility. However, I do own a couple of domestic machines, one of which is perfect for FMQ. Then again… there’s always the possibility of doing the deed by hand.

2 01 2013

That is a really big freakin’ quilt. I’m just sayin’.
And I hope you seriously consider throwing it on the frame. Although, knowing you (and me), you’ll still finish yours before I finish mine, even if you hand quilt it. Can’t wait to see it!

3 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m kind of terrified about how large it is. Apparently, ‘working small’ is no longer in my craft vocabulary.

I am seriously thinking about throwing it on your frame – I might have to throw a practice piece on there first though.

3 01 2013

Congrats on the finish. Looks like a very productive start to the new year

3 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank! It makes me feel really good about the start of the year. I’m really hoping to clear away a bunch of WIPs this year.

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