A Little Carried Away…

3 01 2013

I took today off because I had a gynecologist’s exam this morning, and I really didn’t want to go in and deal with tech problems after having my bits poked and prodded at. Good news – everything was where it was supposed to be. Just have to wait for the results of the pap smear now.

My goal, this afternoon after the doctor, was to catch up on Scrappy Sew Bee It! Swap blocks. I even picked up a little bit of fabric to extend out what I had on hand in the way of neutrals. I even got home, had some lunch, and got to sewing.

Just like I planned.

I did not plan on getting carried away and making six blocks for one individual. I meant to make two blocks for this individual, and move on, since I’m, oh… four months behind.

At least I got one month out of the way?

Neutral Cabin 01

Neutral Cabin 02

Neutral Cabin 03

Neutral Cabin 04

Neutral Cabin 05

Neutral Cabin 06




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