Sewing With Mommy

14 01 2013

Just Like Mommy

Zeb has been asking to ‘sew with Mommy’. I debated buying him a wooden sewing machine, but kiddo is a tech whiz and would have seen through that bullshit right away. He understands that Mommy’s sewing machine turns on, so his should too. His should also beep when he pushes a button, or screech at him when he does something job – just like Mommy’s does.

So, I compromised:

I nerfed my old, reliable Brother CS6000i by removing the needle and gave him a pile of squares cut from my scraps. I showed him how to keep his fingers out of the way of the shank, how to feed fabric under the foot, and how to press the start/stop button. Zeb’s deliriously happy – now, he can sew when I sew.

If he’s still interested in a few years, I’ll sit down with him, some more of those scrappy squares, and guide him through piecing his first quilt top. I’ll probably end up up doing the quilting myself, and handle stitching the binding down.

I’m okay with that.

In fact, I look forward to it.

I look forward to introducing my son to a skill set that will allow him to expand his horizons, develop his creativity, challenge his math and geometry skills, as well as defying gender stereotypes. I want him to have a skill that he can carry through life, to be able to experience the singular joy that comes from creating something, from idea to finished item.

Zebediah deserves that.




5 responses

15 01 2013

He’s very cute. How old?
How long do you think it’ll take for him to realise that your squares stay together and his don’t, though? Or do you think he won’t mind.
I hope he does stay interested.

15 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Zeb is five, and he spent about ten minutes with this sewing machine before he realized that his squares weren’t staying together and requesting a needle.

I told him that he would have to wait until he was older, which prompted him to walk away for a few minutes, but he quickly returned to the sewing machine.

15 01 2013
Robyn in Oz

I bought my granddaughter a sewing machine for her seventh birthday. It is the Elna mini. She loves it. Her first project she made with her mother and was a top for her little sister. The second project was a quilt. And it wasn’t just squares : it had rectangles as well and the blocks would be a challenge, but I thought : what the hey? I have her mum the pattern and had all the cut pieces bagged by the block to simplify it for all concerned.
I thought she would get tired of it very quickly and do it over a period of quite a few sessions, but no ; she wanted this little quilt so badly that she did it in a couple of nights (it was a cot sized job).
I quilted and bound it for her and it is pride of place in her room. She has more fabric for a charm square quilt, but she wants to do it with me, so we have to wait for mutually convenient times (they live about 2 hours away).
All three of my granddaughters have the crafting but. I’m so very proud.
Good on you for letting him play. It won’t be long before you will have to fit the needle and help him to sew!

18 01 2013

It’s awesome that your son is so interested! My son is a little older, and he just did his first bit of sewing in december – this little sister needed a bag for her gym clothes. She just started preschool 🙂
He made the bag – we planned what pieces we would need, he cut them and did all the sewing 🙂 some of it didn’t end up straight, but she adores the result and tells everyone that her big brother made it.

18 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

That’s awesome!

Last night, Zeb declared that he wanted to make his own quilt, so we started piecing scrappy squares together. We’ll do a few more every day until he has enough for a top, and then I’ll quilt and bind it for him.

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