Saturday’s Sewing

24 01 2013

This past Saturday, I got together with Sandi of Piecemeal Quilts for another sewing day. My goal has been to catch up on the Test Your Skills Sampler, so that I can move on to writing the next tutorials with a clear conscience, and so that I have a top ready to go when all is said and done.

Pinwheel Fillers

Pinwheel filler blocks.. Nice and easy HSTs. The nearly mindless piecing of these was kind of nice.

Card Trick

Card Trick didn’t come out exactly as I’d intended… I’d planned for it to match the color placement from the ‘bright and white’ color plan for the TTYS Sampler. I was not, however, going to pick it apart.

I have to say that I absolutely love this block, and the motion that using that particular print in four different colors gives it.

Dutchman's Puzzle

I really like how Dutchman’s Puzzle came out. I was a tad bit persnickety about ensuring that the directional print flowed the same direction in all four quadrants.

Capital T

Capital T – I like the contrast between the two prints here, in nearly every way. Stripe vs. circles. Purples vs. olive green.

As I make these blocks, I’m happier and happier that I went with the Kona cotton Lake for the background fabric. It’s atypical, and leads to a low-volume appearance in a good number of these blocks. I can’t wait to see these all together.

I’d been hoping to get completely caught up on the sampler blocks, but between hubby and kiddo on Monday, I didn’t get much sewing time. Not a big deal – I’ve four days of vacation time from banked from last year to use. I’m just debating on when to use them, though I’m thinking early February would be good. I’m ready for some time off since I didn’t take any through the holidays.

My productivity continues, though, and it’s spreading! I’ve been cooking – a lot. Yesterday, it was several quarts of chili so that I could freeze some and have some fairly quick meals ready. Tomorrow, I’m cooking down a bunch of chicken, shredding it and freezing it, so that I can do chicken tacos and enchiladas with less hassle. I’ll do the same with some pork this weekend I think. I’ll probably also make

Dieting is going okay – I cut a bunch of vegetables for last Stitch ‘N’ Bitch for salads. What we didn’t eat that Saturday, I’ve been working my way through in salads and snacks. The upside is that I’ve nearly killed the tendency to snack on unhealthful, additive-ridden foods. The downside is that I feel constantly hungry right now. I have to re-learn to eat several small meals throughout the day again.

Total diet failure was my attempt to substitute in some shrimp in place of my normal chicken or pork. I made a shrimp stir fry, using a bunch of my pre-cut vegetables. You’d think that was a win, right?

Not so much.

I don’t like the taste of shrimp. It tastes like beach. Dirty beach. Unless it’s in sushi. No offense to those of you who like shrimp, but I’ll be avoiding that particular food from now on.

I am determined, however, to hit the Asian grocery in town. They sell whole Tilapia, and I love that particular fish. I grew up eating it freshly caught, and I have no qualms about preparing it. I have been craving other shellfish though. Crab sounds amazing right about now, but that might just be the fact that my stomach is reminding me that it’s been four hours since I ate, and I’m due for a snack before I try to hit the hay.

I also tried hummus, for the second time. My first time was considerably less than delicious. I attempted to make it at home, from what I now realize is a sub-par recipe. This time around, I tried a commercial hummus, a spicy red pepper version, and it was… not bad. Definitely an acquired taste, and I preferred it when it had been in a very cold fridge for a few hours. I’m planning to try a more garlicky flavored one, and I’ve heard that there’s a black olive one out there. Mwahahaha.

I have to get back on the workout horse – I’m hoping to do that tomorrow. I need to make it a habit. What I do have going for me there is that I’ve been helping to motivate my best friend and work mate, Adam. He’s also not happy with his weight, and has a membership at the same gym I do. I’m our conscience for the moment – and I’m okay with that. I’m intensely driven to do this for myself, especially as my mother-in-law in the hospital having undergone her second complete knee replacement.

Still, in all of this, I got back into a size 16 pair of jeans this weekend. Despite the lack of actual weight loss, this means that the weight is re-distributing, exchanging fat out for muscle. I’m okay with that. Being a smaller size is a nice side-benefit of this dieting and exercise thing. I’ll be healthier, and that’s the important thing.

Okay, enough rambling… time to find a lo-cal snack before bed.




4 responses

24 01 2013
Robyn in Oz

Good for you! I would stay away from the scales and rely on waist bands because they are a better indicator that you are trimming down. It’s just too easy to get discouraged.
I love your pinwheels. I’ve just done a whole heap for a quilt. I was going to recreate a design from a gorgeous magazine I picked up, but I mixed up directions of a directional print for my half squares that were integral to the design, so we pinwheel instead! Triumph out of tragedy.
Take care and best wishes for all that cooking!

27 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thanks for the good wishes and kind words! And congrats on finding a good solution for your HSTs. Remember: they’re not mistakes; they’re design opportunities!

28 07 2013

I found the sampler quilt instructions on the other blog, but this is the most recent post I can find anywhere about this quilt. Are there plans to finish the series? I realize I could probably find directions for the missing blocks, but wouldn’t be sure about sizing or assembly for missing blocks & background on the top., Thanks.

31 08 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

We will be finishing this! I’ll be sure to talk to Sandy this month and actually do my bit to get the rest of this posted.

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