The Farmer’s Wife Returns

27 01 2013

That’s right – the old battleaxe has made a reappearance. I became convinced, toward the end of the summer, that I had somehow managed to lose eleven blocks and their setting pieces.

Today, since I’d spent a good chunk of yesterday steaming my living room carpet (though I was interrupted in the middle by my body deciding I needed a nap now), I decided to lay out the top so far, which is about halfway done, on the newly clean and dried carpet. I then started cataloging all of the blocks, marking them off if they were already sewn into the top, or if they were in the stack of blocks to be added. I figured I ought to figure out which blocks needed to be re-made.


I have not lost eleven blocks.

I have, apparently, lost my marbles.

However, in the process of going through the blocks, I decided that nine need to be re-made, for various reasons:

FWS Blocks to Remake1. #082 Spider Legs, 2. #003 Basket, 3. #022 Corn and Beans, 4. #037 Flower Pot, 5. #110 Wood Lily,
6. #035 Flower Basket, 7. #104 Wild Geese, 8. #086 Squash Blossom, 9. #015 Buzzard’s Roost

In order of the photo above:

#082 – Spider Legs – When I originally took the photo, I noticed a yellow stain that had been on the fabric, which I hadn’t noticed when I was mid-piecing. A few months later, the stain is even more yellow and pronounced. Definitely just going to start over with this one rather than take a chance with washing it.

#003 – Basket – I just hate this block, because it has applique, and the handle is not nearly curved enough. Additionally, I’m not thrilled with my fabric choices. I’ll probably replace this block with a pieced basket block. Besides, this one I genuinely can’t find, but I have vague memories of being disgusted with it and pitching it.

#022  – Corn and Beans – I love my fabric choices here. Unfortunately, the block came out about half an inch too small all around, and I refuse to settle and just do a wider setting for it. I put this much effort into the piecing for this, I’m damned well going to be happy with all of it.

#037 – Flower Pot – I just don’t like this block, period. It’s awkward looking, and I don’t like my fabric choices. I will probably pick something to switch in for it.

#110 – Wood Lily – While I love how this block turned out, as far as my fabric choices are concerned, it is also too small.

#035 – Flower Basket – Please see my irritations with #003.

#104 – Wild Geese – Another block in which I’m very happy with the way it came out, and with my fabric choices. Unfortunately, it’s too small.

#086 – Squash Blossom – I intensely dislike my fabric choices for this one. This definitely needs a re-do.

#015 – Buzzard’s Roost – I just don’t like my fabrics choices for this – they’re too similar to another block which has already been included in the top.

I’m looking forward to starting these tonight – we’re having some folks over to watch the Royal Rumble, which means I can sneak off to spend some quality time with my sewing machine. Since my mother-in-law is in a nursing home recovering from her second knee replacement surgery, finding sewing time is difficult.




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