Basket Replacements

29 01 2013

Rather than attempt to sleep this cold off (which I should have been doing), I decided to start tackling the Farmer’s Wife Sampler again. Tonight was not a night to crawl around on the floor and decide what blocks should go where in the setting, so I worked on do-overs.

Only two blocks done tonight, but the important thing is to keep moving, and not be discouraged, despite other activities that might take me away from sewing. Take, for instance, tomorrow. The plan is to hit the gym after work, and then come home and make dinner, all the while keeping kiddo entertained.

As long as my sinuses have decided to stop trying to escape my face.

Lovely image, no?

The imaginatively named ‘Basket’, taken from Jinny Beyer’s ‘The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns’, page 74, # 9.

I am so done with basket blocks. So very done. And let’s not even comment on the fact that apparently my brain is trained to think of baskets in black, white, and red. Basket BOM, anyone?

Indian Hatchet
‘Indian Hatchet’ – also taken from Jinny Beyer’s ‘The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns’, this time, page 74, # 7. Really, I just wanted a block to show off that grey print. Oh, and something that wasn’t a freaking basket block. Seriously, I might rage-quit the next project that decides to throw a freaking basket block at me.

My goal for while I’m at lunch tomorrow now is to print the paper-piecing templates for  the rest of the blocks that will need such. That way, after being a virtuous monkey tomorrow, I can indulge in some guilt-free sewing.




2 responses

29 01 2013
CodmanSqCreations (@CodmanSq)

The grey print in the Indian Hatchet is fantastic. No wonder you wanted to feature it.

29 01 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’ve been in love with that print since picking it up at Joann’s! I’m planning on using the rest of it as a border somewhere – I’d like it to be featured in larger chunks.

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