Another Day, Another Do-Over

19 02 2013

Or three.

Maybe I’m nuts, but I just can’t help re-visiting some of these Farmer’s Wife blocks and wondering just what I was doing when I put certain fabrics together. Or where in the world I learned to measure an accurate 1/4″ seam, since some of the blocks just didn’t come out at the right sizes.

But that’s what do-overs are for, right? Going back and making things better.

#015 Buzzard's Roost1. #015 Buzzard’s Roost, 2. #015 Buzzard’s Roost

I ended up using my pre-cut scraps for the re-do of Buzzard’s Roost. I think I’m now officially out of that black print, which is kind of sad. It was a favorite for a long time.

Squash Blossom1. #086 Squash Blossom, 2. #086 Squash Blossom

I’m so much happier with Squash Blossom now that I’ve redone it! The first version was just too ‘meh’. I attribute that to the really bland background fabric and the deep green print. Together, they’re just snooze-worthy. I decided to play around and use that pink plaid. That’s a print that I never expected to like so much.

Spider Legs1. #082 Spider Legs, 2. #082 Spider Legs

I actually meant for this block to be reversed – black for the ‘spider’, and the aqua for the background. Either way, very pleased. This time around, I remembered to alternate the direction in which the seams were ironed, making the final construction very easy. I was also conscious to pick thinner fabrics. I’ll have to remember both tricks when I’m ready to re-do Wood Lily.

At this point, I’m done with seven of the fourteen blocks that need to be re-done. Yay! I’m going to try to get through Wood Lily and the replacement block for Flower Pot tonight.




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