Fresh Sewing Day, March Edition

2 03 2013

Month of February1. Patchwork Square in a Square 1, 2. Patchwork Square in a Square 2, 3. Scrap Attack, Step 4, 4. #016 Calico Puzzle, 5. #031 Evening Star, 6. Farmer’s Wife So Far,
7. #015 Buzzard’s Roost, 8. #082 Spider Legs, 9. #086 Squash Blossom,
10. #100 Weathervane, 11. #104 Wild Geese, 12. #110 Wood Lily, 13. #022 Corn and Beans, 14. #036 Flower Garden Path, 15. #043 Garden Path, 16. Eight Pointed Star

Not as productive a month as I would have liked, but I got through the do-overs of all of my Farmer’s Wife Sampler blocks. I also managed to keep up with my Scrappy? Sew Bee It! Swap blocks, and did some scrap organization and free piecing.

My big goal for February had been to get the top for the Farmer’s Wife Sampler completed. I missed that goal by about 24 hours.

However, that does mean that I did complete it. Today, in fact. Actually, about 22 minutes ago.

Ace Ventura Dancing

Yeah, that would be me right about now, except I just celebrated that sort of finish with a bowl of ice cream topped with Ghiradhelli milk chocolate chips. My diet totally got thrown out the window as my inner fat kid rejoiced the completion of the top.

No pictures yet, obviously, because it’s black as pitch out there right now, and probably colder than I want to acknowledge. Tomorrow I will fling the top onto the snow, snap some fast pictures and then we shall see what we see.

Lily's Quilts

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6 responses

2 03 2013
Robyn of Oz

Congratulations on completing the top. It doesn’t matter that it’s a little later than you wanted it to be : remember, it was a short month and you’ve had so much on.
Well done to you and looking forward to your photo of the completed top!

2 03 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

It would have been awesome to finish this beast last month, but honestly, I’m just glad the top’s done! I’m very much looking forward to putting this one in the completed quilt pile.

2 03 2013

So many lovely blocks and your Farmers Wife quilt top looks beautiful!

3 03 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! I’m loving the way it’s turned out.

3 03 2013

Congratulations on a ton of great work done! Who cares about 24 hours, eh? ūüôā

3 03 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

That’s pretty much it! I’m just glad that the Farmer’s Wife top is done. I’m very much looking forward to getting it quilted.

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