Frankenstein’d Plan

17 03 2013

About a month ago, I wrote about trying to get my scraps under control and to start using them. Since then, I’ve made some progress – four string blocks, though I hadn’t really touched the Frankenstein’d fabric:

Scrap Attack, Step 4

After getting caught up on Granny Blocks, I decided that I wanted to keep sewing this evening, though I really didn’t want to follow any instructions. So I returned to the Frankenstein’d fabric.

Well, sort of. Really, my brain went to the remaining squares of grey that I’d cut for Technicolor Fields, for the setting. I cut too many, and had what I thought were a lot left. I figured they’d be great alternate blocks for the Frankenstein’d blocks.

I only had 14 squares of the grey remaining – barely enough to make a baby quilt. I really didn’t want to buy more yardage in the Kona Charcoal right now. I still have quite a few other solids in my stash, also remaining from the setting of Technicolor Fields. I quickly pulled 1/2 a yard of Kona Peacock, and half a yard of Kona Tangerine, and those were cut into 6″ squares as well.

Once those were cut, I realized I probably needed a plan for laying out those blocks, so I fired up EQ7. The crazy pieced blocks in this illustration are just a placeholder:

Scraptastic Top Plan

You’ll notice that there are 15 grey blocks in this plan. I found some scraps of the grey leftover, and poverty-pieced one more grey block together. I plan to bury that one in the middle of the quilt. With this plan, I should end up with a 50″ X 50″ top that will be nice for throwing on the couch.

JohnPaul put a couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time on while he did some laundry for his impending trip to Las Vegas. I sat at my table and started sewing, after I cut that first piece of Frankstein’d fabric into quarters.

Scraptastic Top Start

That’s rows one and two done. I’ll need to piece another 31 Frankenstein blocks to get this to where I want it. That’s a lot of itty-bitty scraps… I guess this means that I’d better hurry up and finish cutting my scraps down.


By the way, JohnPaul called me crazy for getting this much done in a couple of hours.




3 responses

17 03 2013
Pretty Lady Baby

Oh this is Amazing! I can’t wait to see the final product!

20 03 2013
Pretty Lady Baby

I have nominated you for an award! Know how much I love your blog and the thought you put into your content! You deserve it! Here is the link:

26 03 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you for nominating me for this award! I keep planning to reply to the nomination, and then forgetting when my sewing machine calls. I will try to remember to get back to it though!

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