Frankenstein Moving Forward

24 03 2013

Frankenstein'd Forward

I’ve actually got the weekend off. Which is just weird, because I stayed home Monday through Thursday. Hubby was on a work trip to Las Vegas. I stayed home with kiddo, to try and keep his schedule normalized.

I spent a good chunk of my ‘vacation’ cleaning. My kitchen looks awesome, and all the random crap that accumulates in my living room and dining room for no reason was picked up and sorted to proper homes. I still have vacuuming and carpet steaming to do, but that’s a task for today. However, in between random chores throughout the week, I cut down more scraps, so that I could have more itty bitty pieces for Frankenstein

Saturday (yesterday) Kiddo went to stay with grandma, so I took the day as a sewing day and worked on Frankenstein. In progressing on Frankenstein, I’m finding that I’m heartily sick of piecing these scrappy squares. I’ve run out of small scraps twice now, so I keep stopping to cut more squares from my scraps. In fact, after twenty-three of these blocks, I need to attack my scrap bin again.

In looking over my progression on Frankenstein, I have to laugh at myself. The first row of blocks are literally grab and sew the scraps together. As I go along, I trim more, creating more complicated scrappy blocks. I just like small pieces, apparently. There’s also a clear (to me) dominance of acid green scraps, showing my love of this color and how often I find reason to use it.

It’s been rather like an archaeological dig of my projects, going through the scraps. I recognize those pieces that I bought, as well as what was obtained through gifts and giveaways. It amuses me to realize how much my scrap bins have been filled due to swaps of varying natures. I love to make and share blocks, as well as mini-quilts, but I have a hard time doing it with large quilts. Of course, this is partly due to the fact that I’ve continued to work larger and larger as I get older.

There’s also a large part of me loathe to give away some that took so much time, labor and materials, to someone who will not understand the inherent value of the thing that they have been gifted with. This last piece is why I do not sell my work. This is why, when browsing Etsy for handmade quilts, I am often aghast at the prices that aren’t being charged

Before going back for Scrap Management Round 3 (this week :P), I decided to piece my rows together. I’m gratified that after, essentially 16 hours of sewing, I have five rows done. I’m a little irked that there’s seams not matching perfectly. However, I know that this is due to the discrepancy of having used the markings on my cutting mat to measure and cut the solid squares versus a ruler on the scrappy blocks. Also, there’s some give when working with scraps, even this small, due to the sheer number of seams.

I’m refusing to dwell on the not matching seams, honestly. I refuse to pick the stitches out and fix them. I’m invoking my right to be lazy and not care. This is a project intended to live on my couch. My cats will sleep on it, and my son will spill on it. It will be loved to death, and thus, perfect seams are something that are not necessary. As long as it is well-constructed, beyond those minor imperfections, I will be happy.




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25 03 2013
Robyn of Oz

Perfection is the realm of The Creator, it is ours to aspire to or go ‘nahhh’. I’m with you : if it is going to be spilled on, cat furred, snuggled under and washed more than twice a year, then it won’t matter.
According to my quilter who does my really good stuff for me : “If you can’t see it when driving by at 40mph, then it doesn’t matter”. I think she’s right.

25 03 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I absolutely agree with you and your quilter! Once this baby is quilted and bound, I’m likely to never notice those seams again.

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