April’s Last Swap Block

7 04 2013

I finally forced myself to sit down and power through the last swap block I had to make for April, for the Fat Stash Bee. Every time I pondered making this block, I got this little ball of dread in the pit of my stomach.


Because the request was pretty open-ended. Rebecca (princessmax) requested blocks based on the themes of love, stories and books. She sent out a fabric based on Scheherazade’s 1001 tales, the candle fabric, with the request that we combine it with other slate blue fabrics.

Give me a solid set of directions, and I’m golden. Tell me to work off a theme, and I’m reduced to a quivering wreck of indecision.

At first, I thought I’d do a book block, but a couple of others in the group beat me to it. So I thought about capturing the words ‘happily ever after’ in a block, but then realized the size constraint of 12″ finished would make that pretty hard.

So, finally, I thought, maybe I’ll free-piece the word ‘love’.

Okay, I could do that…

LOVE Fat Stash Bee Block for April

Honestly, I’m still not sure about this block. I look at it, and wonder if anyone else looking at it can discern the word in it. If I’d had a greater diversity in the fabrics, maybe it would have worked better.

I have thoughts for a second block, just in case this one doesn’t pass Rebecca’s muster. I have a lot of the fabrics left over yet. It might be worth another go-round at another block, just to stop feeling like this one is just not that good.

Maker’s guilt is a bitch.




2 responses

8 04 2013
Pretty Lady Baby

the block is perfect! You should really use it ;0)

8 04 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thankfully Rebecca likes it! I might still go ahead and make another, just because I have that much fabric leftover, but at least I’m feeling less ‘meh’ about this block.

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