Scrappy Star Madness

8 06 2013

I spent Stitch ‘n’ Bitch today working on Swirling Sea of Stars. I was determined to see what it would look like, should I start putting rows together – so I put rows together. I had 16 blocks made today when I went in. When I finished today, I had 17 blocks done, and one more started. I also had put rows 1 and 2 together, getting a good start on the top.

I got home, and got ready to document my progress, when I realized that I’d managed to skip taking photos of several of the completed blocks… My last posted Scrappy Star to Flicker was #12. So I went back and got caught up on documentation.

Scrappy Star 13#13

Scrappy Star 14#14

Scrappy Star 15#15

Scrappy Star 16#16

Scrappy Star 17#17

Sadly (for myself) I actually had to refer to Flickr to determine which blocks I’d already taken pics of, and then do a lot of editing. Because, you know, they were already stitched into the top in progress.

Swirling Sea of Stars - In Progress 01

Swirling Sea of Stars - In Progress 02

Hubby came home and looked at this project, and made note of the fact that it’s very ‘loud’. I apparently don’t have a ‘color volume control’ in this hobby.




3 responses

10 06 2013

These are looking great! I’ve been meaning to trial a block but I’ve been slow to catch up with other things. It’s nice to see some rows together ūüôā

11 06 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! I keep making these scrappy stars when I should be doing other things. Now I have to buckle down and do swap blocks before going back to these.

4 07 2013

This is wonderful. Love the fabric choices you have used for the stars. I’m trying to print it off to make Janine’s block, but it won’t let me even save it

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