Fresh Sewing Day, July Edition

1 07 2013

I feel rather like a slacker. I didn’t really sew at all for the entire second half of June. The exception was putting a backing together for a top, from which I have to rip out a seam that runs the entire length of the backing to add more width, and I did that yesterday. I can’t even mentally count it, because it’s not technically finished.

I did keep up with my swap obligations – YAY! Swaps are a favorite activity of mine. I’m really debating seeing if I can get into other swaps once these end – maybe a paper-piecing one, since I’ve developed some confidence in my block design skills after The Jammy Dodger Block.

Still, a lot of my attention has been devoted to some fiction writing groups that I participate in (because quilting is somehow not enough to keep me occupied). I’m hoping to ease back a bit after the middle of the month and really get back in my sewing groove. I think, really, it’s just got to come down to me truly scheduling my time.

Anyway, onto last month’s sewing 🙂

Fresh Sewing Day, July1. The Jammy Dodger Block, 2. The Jammy Dodger Block, 3. Elegant Teapot, 4. Apple Blossom Block 02, 5. Apple Leaves Block 01, 6. Granny Block Bee 17, 7. Granny Block Bee 18, 8. Granny Block Bee 19, 9. Granny Block Bee 20, 10. Granny Block Bee 21, 11. Granny Block Bee 21-001, 12. Scrappy Star 13, 13. Scrappy Star 14, 14. Scrappy Star 15, 15. Scrappy Star 16, 16. Scrappy Star 17, 17. Scrappy Star 18, 18. Scrappy Star 19, 19. Swirling Sea of Stars – In Progress 02, 20. Modern Mini

I want, desperately, to quilt up some of my larger tops. I’m running into the issue that even using FOUR tables, Charmed I’m Sure (for which the backing mentioned above was for) proved that the backing was to too big to pull taut, and there was a lot of puckering visible after I pulled it from the table set up. I may yet give it another go, but that would require unpinning an awful lot of pins, and then starting anew, this time with FIVE tables. Can you hear me crying yet?

I seriously need a house, so that I can put a longarm frame in the basement.

Lily's Quilts



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4 07 2013

Wonderful mosaic! You’ve had a great month 🙂

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