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26 07 2013

Seriously, at some point I will stop inundating you with photos of Granny Blocks, and get back to working on something else. Last night’s batch of six happened while my son was thoroughly entertained by a friend who’d come over for dinner. And, to illustrate what an interesting child my son is – dinner last night was liver and onions, at his request.

He even ate it, and the quinoa salad I made to go with it. The liver was a hit; the quinoa salad, not so much. The recipe I used called for lemon juice. I’m afraid it was too much lemon juice for our taste buds. Still, we ate some, to give it an honest try. I’m still very interested in adding quinoa to our regular meal rotation here, so I’ll keep playing with it.

Granny Blocks for Me 18

Granny Blocks for Me 19

Granny Blocks for Me 20

Granny Blocks for Me 21

Granny Blocks for Me 22

Granny Blocks for Me 23

I figure that I’m about halfway to being done with the blocks. I still haven’t reinstalled EQ7 – last week I switched out my 75GB solid state drive for a 250GB drive. Not solid state, so I sacrificed some in the way of processing speed, but now I’m not fretting about installing too much to the laptop. I suppose I’ll do that tonight, since it’s Friday, and what else am I going to do on a Friday evening.

Other than sew and watch Les Miserables finally?

Especially since kiddo should be tuckered out today. I had a UW System Helpdesk Managers meeting in Madison today. Hubby took that opportunity to take my mother-in-law and kiddo to Madison, and hit up the zoo while I was discussing the ins and outs of managing a tech support desk.

Yes, I am jealous.

On the upside, we got to stop at Half Price Books on the way home. My goal was to find some Spanish-language materials that kiddo would find interesting. He’s been very interested in learning Spanish since PJ4, and I want to encourage that. So I picked a copy of Little Einsteins Mi primer Diccionario Ilustrado (My First Illustrated Dictionary). (Apparently, it’s going for $48.00 on – I paid $8. HA!) It’s not a bilingual book – everything is presented in Spanish, but the illustrations eliminate my need for translation. And, if I truly get stuck, I picked up a Spanish/English dictionary. High school Spanish was long enough ago that I need help to remember words and conjugation.

While we were there, though, I decided to look through their quilting books. It was a pretty abysmal selection honestly, but I almost talked myself into a continuous line design book. Then I realized, why am I searching in the quilting section for designs?

I mean, there are just tons of books of designs out there, that typically come with CDs with the images, for ease of re-sizing and editing. Why wasn’t I looking in the graphic design section?!

So, I headed over there, and hit pay dirt in the clip art subsection of the graphic design shelves: Flower Designs Handbook and 1001 Symmetrical Patterns: A complete Resource of Pattern Designs Created by Evolving Symmetrical Shapes. The second book comes with a CD, so editing the images for my purposes will be pretty easy. In order to make the second book more usable, I’ll have to scan and/or re-draw before resizing, but still! I paid $3 for Flower Designs Handbook and $8 for 1001 Symmetrical Patterns.

We’re home from Madison now, obviously, but kiddo is ‘playing’ Train Simulator (as well as a five year old can play a game designed with the intention of replicating the world’s trains and the tracks they run on). Really he’s just watching his train move along the tracks, but it makes him happy, and he’s slowly learning the program, which is funny and terrifying at the same time. So, while he is otherwise occupied, I’m going to participate in this week’s Friday Night Sew In.




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26 07 2013

I can’t see me getting tired of these lovely blocks. Beautiful!

27 07 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! They’re so much fun to put together, and I’m enjoying the colors.

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