Bright and Cheerful

5 08 2013

Work has been, well, work.

The clock is quickly winding down to the start of the 2013 fall semester, and I’m weeping for the summer that I didn’t experience. Usually, this is time to recoup, to marshall our forces for the fall semester, to train and re-train.

Not so this summer…

I’ve been consistently busy, and have had projects falling into my lap  that are overflow from other areas of my department. We had enough incoming calls, emails and issues that I maintained a full staff this summer, instead of my usual skeleton crew.

So I decided that I needed some mindless sewing, something that didn’t require a lot of thought. I’ve also been participating in the Granny Block Bee, so I knew how super fast those particular blocks go together. That decided me on doing a granny square quilt.

My less than cheery disposition of late demanded lighter, brighter colors, so I pulled pinks, yellows and oranges, knowing that I’d used Kona White as the background. Then I realized it was a touch too bright for me, so I added in a healthy smattering of greys.

Then I started sewing.

And sewing.

And sewing some more.

Over the course of ten days, I put together forty-nine blocks, typically completing at least six in each sewing session. On the other hand, it took me four different days and sewing sessions to get the top together.

Sunsets and White Beaches

I’m very happy with this top, especially since it was so quick. I’m going to try and piece the backing together this week. I also have a bunch of scrap batting that I’m going to try and piece together into one large piece for this. Waste not, want not, right?




4 responses

5 08 2013

You did an amazing job. I’m always so sad when summer ends. I love the long unstructured days. Have you ever used batting tape? Skinny fusible tape that bonds your batting pieces together in seconds : )

7 08 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’ve actually never heard of batting tape… I’ll have to take a look for it, since I hate to waste the excess batting that I inevitably end up with.

6 08 2013

It’s fantastic, congrats on getting it done!

7 08 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! Now I just need to wait patiently (*ahem*) for backing fabric to arrive!

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