A Block a Day…

9 08 2013

… keeps the insanity away.

My job can be incredibly fulfilling… Lately, not so much. I’ve touched on the issues I’m experiencing before, but yesterday was one of those days that I spent running from task to task, and feeling like I didn’t really accomplish much of anything.

So, I’ve decided to resolve some of my work tension by making at least one block a day, if they’re more involved blocks, like the Swoon blocks. If it’s not an involved block, then I need to spend at least half an hour sewing. I get to engage my problem-solving and creative sides in a satisfactory manner, instead of feeling stymied because I don’t have enough tools at my disposal.

Swoon 02

Today’s efforts resulted in a second Swoon block. I decided on fussy-cutting a flower from a large scale print in the Eclipse line from Exclusively Quilters (this line is a few years OOP, but a favorite). Then I used a coordinating print from the same line, and another favorite tone-on-tone orange print.

This time around, I was much more conscientious about pressing my seams in the correct directions and about using a scant quarter inch seam when making the flying geese sub-units. Thus, my points were much more crisp, and I’m really happy with this block.

In making this block, I made the horrifying discovery that I have very little in the way of orange left… As in I have two cuts of fabric in orange, both measuring less than half a yard each. I’ll need to pick up a few more cuts, just to get this Swoon project done with, but I’m not going to go crazy trying to load up on oranges. Not only do I not want to spend a ton on fabric, I don’t want to wait for fabric to arrive!




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