Sunday Sewing Session

18 08 2013

Hubby went to Madison today, while kiddo spent time with Grandma. I had the option of going to Madison, but decided that I would much rather stay at home and sew.

So I did.

Sometime last week, I convinced hubby to go with me to Joann’s, where the selection of oranges kind of made me cry. I did end up with a yard of one really amazing orange, but had to make do with a handful of fat quarters. I’m not really surprised by the selection – we’re heading into fall, so most of the oranges on the shelf were on the rusty end of the spectrum, instead of the clear, vibrant tones I was looking for.

I was able to use one of the fat quarters tonight:

Swoon 05

Once again, that awesome Alexander Henry skull fabric makes an appearance. I’m so glad that I bought so much of it when it was on clearance.

The next Swoon block makes use of one of the oldest prints in my stash. I think I’ve had that orange for at least six years.

Swoon 04

So, that puts me at five blocks, of my desired sixteen. I’m glad I don’t have to do that many of them – there’s so much freaking trimming that goes into these. Eight flying geese, and sixteen HSTs.

I’m resisting the urge to buy tons of fabric lately – I’m feeling creative, and have the itch to use particular fabric in my stash. Unfortunately, everything I think of requires a heavy infusion of new stuff. We’ll see how long I hold out against myself. I mean, new fabric!




4 responses

18 08 2013

I can relate. My hubby went to the Ren Faire in Bristol today and I stayed home to sew (bliss!). Your swoon blocks are gorgeous. Sorry you didn’t find all the amazing oranges you hoped for. I have that same older orange in my stash. It looks good the way you’ve paired it in your block.

19 08 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’d probably be okay on picking oranges if I didn’t have such a specific vision in mind for this quilt!

And isn’t it wonderful when we can just sew in peace?

19 08 2013

You need to schedule a visit to Val’s. She has a decent selection of your oranges, and the prices can’t be beat. Oh, and the blocks look great!

19 08 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I really do! I just keep forgetting that she’s a resource, which is a shame, because she has such a good selection normally.

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