Playing in EQ7

22 08 2013

So, just a bit ago, I wrote about trying to unwind each day by spending at least half an hour sewing after getting home from work…

I haven’t kept to that resolution very well, unfortunately. I’m now six business days away from the start of the new semester, and drowning in the tickets that are flooding my help desk. The campus population is returning, and with it, the problems that they need to have resolved.


So, I’m coming home mentally drained, so drained that the act of sewing is just too intensive some times. Still, the creative urges won’t always be silenced, so I started drawing quilts in EQ7. I may never get around to making the quilts I draw up, but at least I’m burning some steam off.

Flying Xs

I’ve been trying to find ways to use a particular Erin McMorris print for ages, since I bought it at a WI Quilt Expo a couple years ago. It’s gorgeous, but it’s a large scale print. I find myself exceedingly reluctant to simply delegate this fabric to a backing. So, I’m going to play with a couple of designs where this particular fabric is the background.

Medallion 01

I’ve wanted to make a medallion quick for as long as I’ve been quilting. I might actually do it one day…  The trick is making it as loud in fabric as it is in my head. This is definitely something for which I would be spending quite a bit of time collecting the perfect fabrics.




2 responses

23 08 2013
Robyn in Oz

Love your madala quilt. A friend of mine has done some work with Jinny Beyers’ fabric and they are awesome for mariners compass quilts, so a mandala would be no worries. It’s all in the fussy cutting.
Enjoy your EQing. It’s obviously really relaxing.

25 08 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m going to keep playing with the mandala/mariner’s compass designs. I love the look – I just need to finalize the design.

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