13 09 2013

We’re finally through the first two weeks of the fall semester, and I feel like I can finally breathe again.

I hate to admit it, but for the month before classes start, and the two weeks after, I’m unbearable. As in, all I want to do is go home and hibernate after my work days, which often don’t end when I leave my desk. There is so much that my staff and I need to accomplish to ensure that classrooms are ready to go for that first day… For that six weeks, I often spend my ‘off’ hours, working via VPN. Ten hour days are not uncommon. Weekends don’t really exist for me, because I spend time answering emails, so that Mondays aren’t so terrible.

I went (quietly) through two panic attacks, and one crying session.

You’d think that it would get easier every year, but I haven’t found that point yet. And, sadly, I may never hit that point. My staff will ever be in a constant staff of flux and training. They are, after all, are comprised of students. It’s only natural that they move on. I’m just very thrilled that I can be part of their personal and professional development, providing valuable experience that will help them throughout their careers.

And I’m not saying that facetiously – it’s a helpdesk. Anyone who can weather a period of time servicing customers in such a stressful, demanding environment, and come out still smiling at the end of each shift – they’re going places. They’ve learned the fundamentals of professional, but pleasant, communication, the importance of treating everyone as if they are the most important person in the world at that moment, multi-tasking skills, project management, as well as how to write technical documentation, and how to pass on that knowledge to others. And that’s all without truly touching on the technology trouble-shooting skills that my student employees develop while they’re with me.

I’m tremendously proud of my student staff, and am sad to see them go with every round of graduates. I’m beyond elated that, in the two years I’ve been with my university, that every graduating student who has worked for me has left the college with a job in hand. It might not be their dream job, but in most cases, it’s far better than they were expecting to obtain.

So, anyway, now that we’ve cleared this first hurdle, I can now look forward to settling into the ‘normal’ routine. Which means that I can get back to being creative, to writing here (though I’ve discontinued much of my creative writing due to my lack of truly free time), and to sewing (which is, increasingly, the haven I need from the technology storm I work in).

I’ve began hand-sticking on Sunsets and White Beaches again – I think it’s taking me about one hour per block. If I can get through a least a block a day, this quilt will be done a month from now. Then, I can begin stitching on something else.

And I’m ready to start stitching Swoon blocks again. I also still have the backing to finish for Charmed, I’m Sure.

I’ve purchased way too much fabric lately – retail therapy has been awesome. I’ll take some pictures soon and share.

And, now, it’s late enough that I’m going to sign off, and I’ll be back this weekend yet, hopefully. As long as I get some sewing done.




2 responses

14 09 2013
Robyn in Oz

In the middle of all this, make sure you are eating well and getting quality sleep. Very important. 🙂

15 09 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’d switched back to eating a lot of veggies and fruits for this period, so I was covered on the eating well front.

As for sleep… well, I don’t sleep much to start with, but I stuck by my normal six hours a night pretty well.

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