Some Sewing, Finally

15 09 2013

I’ve managed a little sewing today: some hand-quilting and a couple of swap blocks.

Hand Quilting

Every time I pick up this quilt to work on it, I keep telling myself to remember that it only takes about an hour per block. I could feasibly have this thing done in a month, if I just remember to work on it, a little at a time. I might take it back and forth to work, to quilt on the commute, but I don’t want it to get filthy.

Granny Block Bee 27

Granny Block Bee 28
requested blocks in orange, grey and blue. The orange and grey were easy for me – the blue, not so much. While I do have some 2.5″ squares pre-cut in blue, it’s really just a few of each fabric. Coming up with enough for these blocks was actually something of a challenge. As I’ve said on this blog before, I just don’t buy blue.

Which means that I’m actually delayed in making the other two blocks for this month in the Granny Block Bee. The other September queen requested blues. *headdesk*

I placed an order with today. At least I won’t be without blue anymore?




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