Fresh Sewing Day – November Edition

1 11 2013

Yeah, I finally got my tush in gear and started sewing. I got all of my swap blocks done for this month…

But it was only this past couple of weekends that I felt up to doing some sewing for myself. I’ll be honest. Real Job has sucked, a lot. I’m more and more stressed every day that I go to work lately. I keep hearing that my workload is going to lighten, but it’s not. I’m constantly running from task to task, meeting to meeting, and often multi-tasking no matter where I am.

So, frustration has been mounting, and it’s reflecting in my lack of output. I often just want to get home and go to sleep, rather than sew. I’m working on that once more – that time for myself is a sanity saver.

Month of October

1. Granny Block Bee 33, 2. Granny Block Bee 34, 3. Wonky Bento Box, 4. Wonky Bento Box 02, 5. Swoon 07, 6. Swoon 08, 7. Swoon 09

Swap blocks for this month were finished early – I’m down to two swaps. Kind of sad about that, but also kind of not. My Swoon blocks progress, but I really want to get this top done. I have nine of the blocks done, so now I’m over the halfway mark.

I have the whole weekend off, for the first time in six weeks – I’ve been working at the mall every Sunday, in addition to working Real Job, because they’ve needed the extra help. The extra money is nice, but I’m so excited to have 48 hours off.

My plan is to finish the Swoon top, and then to do as much hand-quilting as I can. My fingers will hate me, but I really want to have another hand-quilted piece to snuggle in during the winter months.

Lily's Quilts



6 responses

1 11 2013

great looking swoon blocks! cant wait to see them finished!

16 11 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you! I’m so close! I’m really hoping I can have a top finished soon.

1 11 2013

So sorry for your work frustrations. Your blocks are pretty.

16 11 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you very much! Work is work, and it’ll eventually lighten up. In the meantime, there’s always sewing!

3 11 2013

Love your Wonky Bento Boxs, really cool! Your work is fantastic.

16 11 2013
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m glad you like them! I always have such a hard time doing wonky.

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