Still Stitching…

6 05 2014

I’m still plugging away at blocks, and scrap piecing, though I need to get back to piecing star-string blocks. And I need to quilt something. I also need to make a baby quilt. Friends are having a little girl, though I have about four months before she makes her appearance. I know if I don’t start it soon, I just won’t.

Placemat 03

I’ve finished a third place mat panel (12″ X 18″), and it’s in the pile to be quilted. I still want to make up a set of six of these before I do the quilting and binding.

In addition, I did another handful of sampler blocks. I’m actually enjoying working my way through the reference guides, and picking blocks as they appeal to me.

Sampler Shenanigans 08 - Shooting Star

Shooting Star. I wasn’t too sure about the fabric pull for this block, until I’d finished. Now, I love the way the sherbet colors look against the black background.

Sampler Shenanigans 09 - Road to Oklahoma

Road to Oklahoma. More fun pulling fabrics and throwing them together. I really love that strong red-orange fabric in this block.

Sampler Shenanigans 10 - Caroline's Choice

Caroline’s Choice. I’m not that thrilled with the photo, and I might end up remaking this block. I think that background fabric is just tweaking me out.

Sampler Shenanigans 11 - Wild Duck

Wild Duck. It took me three tries to come up with an iteration of this block that I liked, fabric wise. It just kept coming out too busy.

Sampler Shenanigans 12 - Mosaic No. 22

Mosaic No. 22. I LOVE that orange fabric. The retro keys just make me giggle. I’m debating making a skirt, if I have enough of the fabric, and I love the contrast of the navy Ty Pennington fabric in the corners. Paper-pieced for accuracy, and I was really finicky about ensure I could nest seams, to get those nice points.

I can’t believe that I started these sampler blocks a month ago, and have only made twelve blocks… That’s glacier slow for me.

In other news, I’ve decided to take the plunge and make clothes for myself. I’ll be doing up a muslin first, to test my pattern and sizing, so expect to see progress photos of that soon.

Last post, I talked about having ordered a Spiralizer… I LOVE THIS THING. It’s so much fun, and my son loves to help with preparation. I’ve tried zucchini noodles with spaghetti sauce, and was actually very happy with the flavor and fullness factor. I’m definitely going to play with this more, and substitute for more pasta dishes. My husband made apple noodles, which my son loved for snack time, and I think we’re going to be getting a food dehydrator to take more advantage of this thing. Dried fruit will make a great snack for all of us.




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