The Sum of Its Parts…

28 06 2014

Almost 1600 HSTs pieced and ironed later (though trimming is now taking place on an as needed basis), I’ve started piecing Winged Square Blocks. Despite the number of sub-units and the need to be careful of how I press my seams, these go pretty quickly. I’m estimating about twenty minutes per block.

Winged Square 01

Winged Square II

Winged Square 06

Winged Square 05

Winged Square 04

Winged Square 03

Six blocks in, and I’m feeling very good about how this is turning out so far. Too keep myself on track, I’m working from the center out, and taking breaks to flirt with the different color combinations.

WS Top in Progress 01

This morning, I said down and put the center together. I’m eager to keep building on this, and to get started on the scrap zigzag.




5 responses

28 06 2014

Beautiful blocks! Your quilt will be stunning.

29 06 2014
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m looking forward to it coming together completely. So many HSTs!

28 06 2014

better check that last one again….
I hate to point it out, but better now than after it’s all together!

29 06 2014
Grey Cat Quilts

I did spot the flipped HSTs, and have fixed that. Thanks for pointing it out.

I photograph the blocks precisely for the reason of getting some distance to see my mistakes.

8 07 2014
From an Unquiet Mind | Grey Cat Quilts

[…] on the movement of thread, fabric and needle. I’ve expended a lot of energy and focus on the Winged Square quilt top, but last night the rigidity of the pattern and the strict repetition proved to be more […]

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