10 08 2014

I’m going to share a secret with ya’ll…

If I reach a point in a project where I feel it’s past redemption, I throw it away. 

So, yes, this means that I’ve thrown away quilt tops and even quilt sandwiches with quilting in them.

Why? Because it’s not worth the tears and frustration of trying to ‘fix’ whatever the problem was.

Take, for instance, the quilt top that would have been called Semi-phores:

Completed Top - From an Unquiet Mind I

I’ve put about ten hours of straight line quilting into it, nearly reaching the halfway point. But, I’m getting rid of it.

I know, it seems crazy, right?

Well, I started quilting it in echo quilting meant to give it more definition. Then I realized that the quilting was created pulling and puckering, so I ripped out what I’d done:

From an Unquiet Mind - Quilting Started

And then I started again. I decided to ‘just’ do zigzags. Not quickly enough, I realized that quilting the top this way was distorting it, turning the whole sandwich into a zigzag:


Yes, the sandwich is laying as flat as I could make it. *headdesk*

I don’t think any amount of blocking is going to save this quilt.

So, rather than get more irritated at myself for royally screwing up this project, I’m going to be glad I worked out of my stash for this one, rather than buying anything (except for the batting). And then I’m going to take the remaining pins out of it, and shove it in the garbage.

After that, I’m going to switch out sewing machines, (I was doing this on my industrial machine) and do some piecing to make me feel even better.

EDIT: Dad talked me into ‘donating’ the half quilted thing to the cats as a new cat bed. I folded it into quarters and put in front of the screen door, a favorite lounging spot for the kitties. It was claimed within five minutes. I guess at least it wasn’t a complete waste.




6 responses

10 08 2014

Noooooo! I will take it off your hands! I’ll pay shipping to have you send it to me here in WI. I understand your frustration, I really do, but I will be happy to give it a non-landfill home. Email me your paypal or snail mail addy and I’ll send you postage.

10 08 2014
carla bynum

Hi!!!! Goodness!!!! I do understand being that frustrated but I was thinking maybe someone else could give it a go and at least have it for a charity quilt!!!! I really love the pattern and colors you have used!!!!

10 08 2014

Oh bummer. I have chucked projects too. Sometimes a fresh start is easier : )

10 08 2014

Please don’t throw it away. We would be happy to take it off your hands. My church has the Hugs Ministry. We make quilts, pair them with a stuffie and they then go to the local fire department. They give them to kids in crisis situations. I will be happy to pay for shipping. Take care and God bless, Cory

11 08 2014

Ouch. I love the top, but I think I would do the same as you.

21 08 2014

Hoping all is well with you and your family.
Great looking quilt, but I understand the desire to avoid adding more frustration on top of frustration. Good to know when to stop.

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