Back from Indianapolis

24 08 2014

Okay, so I’ve actually been back since Sunday, 17 August, but this is the first that I’ve been able to sit and write.

We returned on Sunday evening, getting home around 11:00 PM. When I woke up Monday morning, I had a sinus infection. I was down and out through Tuesday, and only dragged myself to work on Wednesday, because I knew there was a meeting I had to attend. I got through the required meeting, and my boss was kind enough to send me home.

Thursday and Friday then were a lot of catch up at work and at home, since I was so behind, from being on vacation and being sick.

I spent a good part of yesterday on the road between home and Milwaukee – Dad’s lawn needed mowing, so we drove there for me to take care of the yard and so he could get his mail. That was after walking 4 miles with Sandi in the morning. After getting home from Milwaukee and a trip to Sam’s club, I prepped meat to go into the freezer. Dad had purchased two large packages of chicken breasts, and a 6 pound pork loin. The chicken breasts were either cut up for stir fry/soups or butterflied and frozen flat for grilling/cooking whole. The pork loin, I cut into loin chops.

All in all, we have meat for six meals after that shopping trip, and that was after I’d prepped another meat purchase for the freezer. We also have two bags of pork cut up for stir fries/soup. My freezer is super full.

So Full!I call this proof that I desperately need to invest in an apartment-sized chest freezer sooner rather than later. I’m going to have to get rid of the ice cream to fit anything else into there…

We took another walk this morning, this time reaching 4.5 miles over the course of our morning walk. Long walks are not a big deal anymore, not after GenCon. I figure I walked a minimum of six miles a day while in Indianapolis.

So, anyway… GenCon was fun. I’m tentatively planning to go again next year, though I intend to make the arrangements myself, rather than rely on someone else to reserve the hotel room.

I took two belly dancing classes, and LOVED it. I’m determined to try and continue to learn to belly dance. The classes were taught by Margaret of Different Drummer Belly Dance. She did a wonderful job of making it approachable and fun. I’m also thrilled by how diverse the members of the troupe were, insofar as body types were concerned. I loved that someone curvier and heavier could be successful and beautiful at belly dance.

Different Drummer Belly Dance

I didn’t have a lot of “must-do” items on my GenCon list. The belly dancing classes were on it. Also on it was visiting Crimson Tate, a modern quilt shop in downtown Indy.

Crimson Tate Interior I

Crimson Tate Interior II

Crimson Tate Interior III

Crimson Tate Interior IV

Crimson Tate Interior V

The shop was lovely, and the staff were great. I loved the fact that there were so many fabrics on hand that I’d only been able to see online previously (shops here in Janesville tend more toward Civil War and flour sack reproductions).

So, of course, I couldn’t visit a shop in another city without buying fabric:

Crimson Tate Fabric Haul

From left to right:
1.) Cotton + Steel Basics, Dottie in Jean Jacket

2.) Cotton + Steel Basics, Dottie in Grapes

3.) Cotton + Steel Mustang, Single Border Stars in Gold

4.) Mormor by Lotta Jansdotter

5.) Merry Mustaches in White, by Caleb Gray Studio

6.) Cotton + Steel Basics, XOXO in Gold

Honestly, I didn’t actually intend to pick up so much Cotton + Steel. I actually dislike the vast majority of this particular line of fabrics. It has some excellent basics though, and in navy and mustard! And I couldn’t leave without that rich purple.

Also while at Gencon, I did a Haunted Indianapolis walking tour, as well as a tour of the Scottish Rites Masonic Cathedral in Indy, which was an amazing building. I have some photos, not as many as I would like… The batteries in my camera died a quarter of the way through the tour of the Cathedral, leaving me with the option of my camera phone, which just does NOT take great pictures. If we return next year, I will re-do this tour, and take much better pictures. I’m half tempted to volunteer to actually assist with the tour, but we’ll see. 

I’d intended to do a walking tour of the War Memorial Trail in Indy, and had actually booked it. Unfortunately, it came down to a choice of the tour or hitting up Crimson Tate. You can tell what won, right?

I’m mostly looking forward to GenCon next year, though I’m definitely planning to arrive the day before it officially opens, so that I can get my event tickets well ahead of the events starting. I might actually give into the gaming geek in me more than I did this year.




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