17 11 2014

Night Sky Quilt Top

I finished putting the Night Sky quilt top together on Friday evening. By then, due to our shorter days, there was no light to take photos. I had some time before leaving for work today, so I quickly threw the quilt down onto the snow and ran back upstairs to take a photo over the balcony.

My neighbors must think I’m insane.

Granny Square Swap Top Start

In other news, I did manage some progress on the Granny Block top, using the swap blocks I’d received. I still have a lot more blocks to make, but I didn’t feel like digging through my stash last night for aquas, greens and greys. Instead, I dug out of my scrap bucket.

Because the blocks didn’t all trim down to the same size, I’m using the setting triangles to equalize them. The blocks are finishing at 12.5″.

I’m using greys and creams from the scrap bucket, or smaller yardage stash to do the setting – I don’t want to cut into larger pieces for this project until I’ve exhausted my supply of smaller pieces of fabric.

This is also the reason I haven’t yet pieced all of the blocks I need to make up the difference between what I have and what I need. I want to go through the scrap bucket first.

I have a lot of scraps, though.

Because I’ve been lazy, and not cutting them down immediately. Usually, I cut my scraps into 5″, 3″, and 2.5″ squares, and then into strips for quick strip-piecing.

I haven’t done that in a while, so I have a bucket full of pieces that need to be ironed and then cut down, and not just in the required colors. I’m going to buckle down over this evening and next, and focus on that.

And not just for this project. I like to have a scrap project or two going, to use up what I’m generating in scraps.

Yes, that means I started another project.

Another Scrappy Project

I’ve had this EQ7 project for ages, intended to use up the 5″ and 2.5″ squares that I have pre-cut. Since I’m going through my scraps anyway, and starching this batch of scraps (such a difference in how nicely it all cuts down!), I decided I ought to use up some of the solids yardage I have hanging around from deciding to NOT do a Dear Jane.

I bought 20 yards of an ecru colored solid, which I don’t regret. The fabric is a neutral color. I can use it in everything! I just need to use it.

Another Scrap Project

So, it’s become the background solid for blocks like this. Pictured above are actually two halves – I’m attempting to ensure that a fabric is not repeated in the same block. I’m also not letting myself fret too much over the inclusion of creams, and how they kind of disappear into the background fabric. It’s a scrap quilt!

I need to starch and iron a lot more yardage of this solid fabric, so I can start on the alternate blocks, which should use up a lot of what I have sitting around in scraps.




8 responses

17 11 2014

Boy do I like this scrappy pattern.

17 11 2014
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m looking forward to getting these blocks done and seeing how it turns out. I love using my scraps up in projects like this.

Sometimes it’s more satisfying than my planned projects.

21 11 2014

I just LOVE your version of the quilt! I was checking out the quilt along and considering joining in, and wow your quilt is such an inspiration!

21 11 2014

I commented but don’t see it, so sorry if this is a repeat…

I love the colors you chose for this quilt! The original is just a little too traditional for my taste and yours is just awesome!

21 11 2014
Grey Cat Quilts

Sorry – I’ve had issues with spam comments, so I moderate all comments to the blog now.

I felt the same way about the original, but I’ve never been one to make a pattern out of the same fabrics. As tired as I was of star blocks, I’m really glad I stuck through and finished this top.

21 11 2014

Beautiful night sky quilt – love your colour combo and really like your scrappy design.

22 11 2014
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you!

I’m having a lot of fun with the scrappy design. I’ve finally ironed the last of the scraps in my bucket, and am ready to cut into them.

23 11 2014

Love the colors you choose for the Night Sky pattern! And your other quilt looks gorgous, too.

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