26 11 2014

I often irk my husband, with my ability to ‘hyper-focus’. I will work on one project, play one video game, or read one book with complete attention until I’m ready to step back. This most recent scrap project has been like that for me.

Of course, first I had to spend about a week on starching, ironing and cutting the scraps into usable pieces:

So Many Scraps

That’s a LOT of 5″ and 2.5″ squares. I’ve over-filled a shoebox sized plastic tote with these. They’re not sorted by color yet – I have to decide if I want to mix them with the non-starched scraps that are also pre-cut. That decision can wait anyway, at least until I’m done with this top. I’m already working on designing another scrap project…

But before I get to that point, though, I need to finish 3xS, which is a good way there. The blocks finish at 16″ and aren’t terribly complicated. And since I’ve pre-cut and pre-trimmed the HST units, they go very quickly. I’ve been averaging two or  three blocks a day, though I pushed to get one more done last night. I wanted to have two rows done:

3xS (Scraps, Stars, and Squares) - Two Rows Done

The photo isn’t the best – I had my husband standing on a chair at 1:30 AM this morning. We had every light in the living room blazing. Still, I have a photo! And progress!

In between cooking and hosting tomorrow, I’ll be sewing more of these blocks, with the intention of getting a third row done. I’d also like to squeeze in some time to put together a backing for the Night Sky quilt top. I work nine hours on Sunday at the second job, so I’m not sure I’ll find the time to pin-baste and start quilting.

No matter – I’m still very happy with the progress I have made!




2 responses

26 11 2014
Linda Dutch

This is looking lovely! and I’m impressed with how organised you are in that first pic! Linda

28 11 2014

I am impressed to about the accurate cut squares – cool!

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