Not So Merry Holidays

23 12 2014

I’d planned on being a lot more productive, quilting-wise, over the last month. I’d wanted to make more progress, and I did, in fact, get my quilting frame back up. Barring a test run of the sewing machine and making backings for those quilts that will fit on the frame, I’m set to go.

Unfortunately, I’ve had no drive.

On Monday, December 8, I was told that my contract for employment with the university will not be renewed.

I’m angry and depressed.

Mostly angry.

After having some wonderful conversations with management personnel not responsible for the decision, I’m still angry, but maybe my anger is better directed? I don’t honestly know. It may not even be worth being angry.

I’ve been sick nearly constantly since getting the news – I know that’s due, in great deal, to depression subduing my body’s response to disease. First it was the flu, the weekend of the 13th. This past weekend, it was a cold that I forced myself to sleep through, so that I could work my second job.

I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity. I can be closer to home – commuting to and from work is getting tiresome. I can find a position in which I can be more self-determining. I can regain an hour or more of my day. I can find a position that I will not take so much of the work home. I can choose to pursue more creative endeavors, which is a strong possibility – I might try my hand at writing patterns.

I do already have a solid job offer, and I’m likely to take it. I’m just not in the mood to job hunt right this moment. Not only do I lack the drive, but I sound like hell – coughing so much has given my voice a distinctly froggy quality.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve… i’m going to try to drag my spirits up. Kiddo is still enamored with the season, and I have managed some presents for him. I’d like his holiday to be unmarred by my impending unemployment – he deserves that much (and so much more) from me.

Wish me luck.




2 responses

23 12 2014

That is a bummer but when one door closes…..
Merry Christmas still ; )

23 12 2014
Grey Cat Quilts

Thank you. I’m slowly working myself up to feeling like this could be an opportunity. I just hate feeling like I’m not valued in my work place.

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