2015 Finish Along – Q2 Goals

7 04 2015

My ambition to finish things fizzled with the start of March, mostly due to the arrival of the Traveling Bee-utiful center that I was to work on for that month. There were issues, which gave me anxiety, and which ultimately had to be resolved by the Bee organizer.

Once the issues were ironed out, I got my butt in gear, but much of the last two weeks of March were focused exclusively on that quilt center.

The second quarter for the 2015 Finish Along is starting, which means it’s time to set new goals for the next three months:

High Tea Quilt Top

I want to quilt and bind my High Tea top. I’ll have to determine what to use as backing… I might have to order something, as I’m pretty sure that I don’t have anything that would coordinate. Nor do I have enough of the fabrics to used in the top to make a backing.

Charmed, I'm Sure

I want to quilt and bind, Charmed, I’m Sure. I’ve had a backing prepared for quite a while, and I have batting on hand. I just need to pin baste this bad boy – I want to straight line quilt this within the star and along the borders.

Sunsets and White Beaches

Sunsets and White Beaches is being bumped to this quarter. I’d listed it for first quarter, and then didn’t touch it at all. Bad me! But seriously, I just need to work on this a bit a day, and I can cross this one off. Hand-quilting needs to be finished, and then the binding completed.

Botanical BOM 2012 Top

And, finally, Garden Party’s Quadrille. This needs to be quilted and bound, and is probably the most intimidating of all the tops listed on this page to quilt. I love this setting, and would like to do something more than an all-over machine-quilting design. I would like to do some quilting that really pays attention to the negative space in this top, as well as emphasizes the setting, which means some planning is in order.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side



7 responses

7 04 2015

Love them all! That last one is so striking. Happy stitching!

7 04 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

Garden Party’s Quadrille is probably my favorite of all the tops listed in this post – I really want to do it justice!

7 04 2015

They all look lovely! Good luck in finishing them all!

8 04 2015
Quilt Musings

You have some beautiful quilts in progress! I love Garden Party’s Quadrille. It will be great to see what you do with the negative spaces.

9 04 2015

Some beautiful options here! I really love the last two – they’re both so lovely.

18 04 2015
Indigo Kennedy

wow, all gorgeous. I cannot wait to see what you do with them all, particularly the last one.

8 05 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

I’m so intimidated by the idea of quilting this one, but determined to persevere! I love this top, and how it turned out – I want my quilting to be very complimentary.

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