Traveling Bee-utiful Quilt Bee – June

30 06 2015

June was a fun month for the Traveling Bee-utiful Quilt Bee. I received 16muddyfeet‘s top-in-progress. She requested a farm theme to her quilt. 16muddyfeet said she wasn’t afraid of color, and encouraged us to be free with our additions. I needed no further encouragement.

I immediately knew I wanted to add more animals – it was just a matter of what animals to add. I ended up buying several patterns from an independent designer, BubbleStitch, on Etsy. I highly recommend the patterns available through this shop. I’ve made three of them now, after having purchased quite a few. I think I own nine of the patterns available through BubbleStitch.

The quilt top arrived to me at an odd-size: 52.75″ X 53.75″ or so. I ended up narrowing my animals (from the patterns I’d purchased), to the Piglet, Chick, and Rabbit. I elected to re-draw the patterns in EQ7, in order to get them as large as I’d need (about 15″ each).

From there, it was a matter of piecing, which I ended up not wanting to do. Not because I didn’t want to contribute, but because it’s so flaming hot in my apartment right now! Our AC is not working optimally, and we have terrible air flow. Every time I sat down to sew, I started sweating like crazy.

Piglet Block

Chick Block

Bunny Block

From there, it was a matter of adding the blocks to the top-in-progress. I’d known I needed to sash it, and already had the idea that I wanted a black and white print to space them out. It didn’t take much auditioning – I needed something simpler and more stark than the blocks to make it work.

Since the quilt measured such an odd size, I made the sashing between the blocks finish at 2″ wide. The sashing at each end of the quilt was cut wider, so that I could simply trim it down once I’d sewn my blocks to the greater whole.

Farm Quilt Top

The entire quilt top-in-progress was almost too large for my design wall, so I had to take a photo at an awkward angle. I tried to take a better picture, on the floor at work:

Farm Quilt IIOverall, I’m very happy with my additions, though I feel like they might be too heavy right now. We’ll see how I feel as others add to the top. After all, we’ve another six or so months to go!




2 responses

1 07 2015

your blocks look great, I really love that little Dutch bunny. If there’s another 6 months to go, this quilt top is going to be enormous! I’m not sure how the dresses fit into the farm theme…

1 07 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

I think we’re going to end up piecing blocks for the back of the quilt, to be honest. This this is huge!

As for the dresses – you’re not the only one questioning those…

As for the dresses…

They’re actually dogs. I think the issue is that there are no features on the faces to help anyone understand what they are. My husband, a co-worker, and a friend all thought they were dresses too.

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