2015 Finish-Along – Q3 Goals

11 07 2015

It’s time to plan out what I’d like to accomplish for the third quarter of the year. At least for the 2015 Finish-Along. I’d like to finish quite a few of my projects, but I’ve still got to figure out what I can handle with my new schedule.

That said, some of these things just shouldn’t wait anymore:

Charmed, I'm Sure

My backing is pieced, the top is done. I have batting. I just need to use the tables at work to pin baste it, because there is no way that I’m going through that ordeal on the floor. Nope. No. Nothin’ doin’. Of course, that means I need time at work, when I’m not working…

Seven More Blocks

As the time of taking this photo, I only needed seven more blocks to complete the top. I know I’m now down to less than that. In fact, I think I’ve pieced too many of one star color way. Oh, well. Such is life. The extras can go into the backing.

Regardless, I think I can get this to a completed quilt in the next three months. Right?

Botanical BOM 2012 Top

Garden Party’s Quadrille makes a reappearance. The challenge here is that I really would love to do some outstanding quilting on this one. I want to emphasize the shapes presented by the setting of the blocks. I do have the backing fabric purchased, though I’ll need to add to it. Wide backs aren’t wide enough for this quilt.

Sunsets and White Beaches

Sunsets and White Beaches makes yet another appearance on this list. *sighs* I am SO sick of putting this one on my list. For my own sanity, I need to get it off my list. By finishing it, of course. Sometimes, though, the hand-quilting makes me want to set fire to the thing. I’ve been working on it again, so that’s something. But, UGH, hand-quilting.

So, those are my goals for this next quarter. I’m probably reaching for too much again, but I want more quilts in my house!

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side



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11 07 2015

Good luck with your finishes.

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