Traveling Bee-utiful – August

4 09 2015

For the month of August, a top-in-progress that I’d already worked on cycled back to me. When I last saw it, this is what I had, a collection of individual blocks:

Traveling Bee-utiful - February Round

This time, there were more individual blocks:

Traveling Bee-utiful - August

My challenge this month was to start pulling a modern sampler together out of the individual blocks.

I stared at the blocks for a while, feeling like there was something missing. I referred back to the inspiration quilt, which is the Moda Building Blocks Sampler. I realized that what I felt that another, large-ish block needed to be in the quilt top.

So, I made an 18″ Windmill block:

August - Windmill

I went with this block because I felt it was visually distinct from the several variations of star blocks already present in the blocks. In the end, this was my only new addition.

I then began putzing around with the blocks, looking to start forming the actual top, to get the blocks into a sampler. I ended up with three distinct sections, as pictured below, along with a handful of additional blocks.

Something Like Progress

I left the top-in-progress as it was, and sent it to the next person to work on it. I figure this way, there’s some structure, but there’s also room to add more.





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5 09 2015

Oh, these lovely colors!

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