Finished! Rainbow Brite Additions

22 10 2015

October Addition Complete

I finally completed attaching the borders to Rainbow Brite this morning. I’d set it aside for a couple of days, frustrated.

I’d made the mistake of assuming that the quilt top would be the same length on each side, and measured down the middle for 74.5″ inches. I made my borders to fit that measurement, and when I pinned them on in preparation to sew, I discovered that one side was 1/2″ short, while the other was 3″ short.


I was not prepared to take the central quilt panel apart in anyway – I’ve done that once already this swap – and I just don’t have that kind of time left in the month. I ended up replacing the sashing strips at either end of both borders, to make up the differences. Not a big deal (I guess?), but it makes me worry about the final product.

Regardless, it’s done, and I like my additions. If I had this quilt next month, I know exactly what I’d add, but this will be going to it’s last temporary home before returning to the original quilter at the end of November.




3 responses

23 10 2015

Holy smokes! 3″ is a lot to try and fix. It truly looks beautiful tho

23 10 2015
Grey Cat Quilts

It really is, and I feel a little badly that I couldn’t fix it. I’m more than a little bit of a perfectionist when I make for other people, and I’m always astounded when see work in a group that isn’t as well done as it could be.

28 10 2015

Such a beautiful quilt!!

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